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    • This is my piano cover of the Hero Quest Ingame Music from the Amiga version. I made a cover of this 14 (!) years ago and it was very well received so I revisited it and recorded a new version. Hope you can feel the heroic fantasy mood with this. Thank you for listening!  
    • That's a heck of a gear list; jealous a bit! Everything here is good, but the ambient intro and break are, to me, the "differentiators" that make the mix stand out more, along with the unexpected-but-welcome turntablism. The ambient choir pad right at the very beginning reminds me of the music they play in Dredd when people are taking slo-mo.
    • https://youtu.be/4DT4SvMUSN8 This one took a lot of effort from me. I have been suffering hard from a mancold during the last week and meanwhile having a very hard time coming up with ideas of variations from especially the Underground theme I had to put in a lot of extra effort to go through with this. Colds can affect your music creation for sure, I really learned that now xD So I hope this sounds good with levels, panning and the overall mixing, because the cold kind of made my ears and nose canals really thick and my hearing was very affected. I wanted to release this now no matter what, and the consequences from the cold on this remix will be a reminder of how it affected me.  So what about the music, first thing I wanted to do something no one's ever done with the Underground theme. Not that I'm looking around searching for remixes that are similar to my own, but putting these chords over the underground melody is nothing I've encountered so far. Nor have I encountered the variation of the underwater melody I wrote to the same chords. Mission accomplished I guess! I also made a more naked variation of the underground theme (1:01) with totally new chords followed by an ambience break (1:16). The ambience break is filled with african skin percussives and yet another underwater melody variation which evolves into a half tempo section (1:46) followed by Dream Theater inspired section (2:06).  At 2:24 the song goes back to the initial underground theme and ends with a beatless short section with a reverbed synth underwater variation at 2:43. I guess there are several easter eggs to find in this remix, one of them is the coin and swim sounds I pulled from SMB3. Actually, putting a moderate amount of reverb to the coin SFX really makes it sound beautiful (given it goes in line with the key signature)! I hope you enjoy it, see you soon my friends!
    • And i forgot to vote, how wonderful lol. Oh well congratulations Hleet, well earned win! I'll post some feedback below: Hleet - Some sick metal vibes here, that is some powerful beats, and some seriously good guitar work. It sounds quite convincing to say it's done on software. If it's real, then that's even more impressive. The guitars are great in this, totally seems like a plausible band cover. The drums are a little, different, is probably the word. I like the sound of the drums, they don't seem to have much velocity changes, it's very much a mechanical sounding kit, especially for rock music. I could maybe see more of a case for metal, but this is more or less hard rock, so the difference is noticeable. Big fan of the trumpet lines though, great way to add depth to a simple piece, it really works well. Ending was a little abrupt in my opinion, i would have expected more of an ending, however i did love what i hear, and the whole metal approach was lovely. I can see why people voted for you, this was great. Well done! Wassup Thunder - Longest one of the bunch. I notice with short sources, it does become a bit harder to remix, because you essentially have to expand upon something already short. I do dig the rock and orchestral arrangements in this, really adds a cinematic depth to the piece. Interesting way of transcribing the melody, it works super well in this context, the whole thing is very action adventure like, it's great. The synths bring it into eurobeat territories, that was really cool. Mixing is a little stagnant, it could do with some polish, specifically in the orchestration. It's almost like the orchestra is fighting for the front, causing the drums and guitars to get pushed back. When the orchestra takes a backseat it works wonders, but that only comes at certain points. Still though, even with it's polishing and clean-up, it was still an amazing remix. I really dig that guitar solo in the middle, not present in the original, but man it's soo fitting to the piece. Love all your original titbits too, this was just a lovely remix. Well done! Souperion - Really cool computer noises in the beginning, this is not what i was expecting for a remix of Mega Man, but man i like it when people go in unique directions. Really digging the strings and piano, really captures the emotion of the source, in comparison to the energy. The sound effects are a lovely touch, i love the attention to detail like that. I also love how you've built the dynamic from something small into something huge. The ending was a great climax to finish the whole thing off. Shame it only lasts for like 30 seconds, i feel that could have been utilized more. I know it's only 3 minutes, but that idea could work for like a 5 minute piece. I was struggling to find anything really to critique, besides maybe the occasional polish here and there, because the mix was great, and the idea was just lovely. Well done! Sorry that i didn't vote, i'll try and be more focused next round! Glad you guys had fun!
    • Everytime I work on this song, I feel the strongest temptation to mix other Baroque-style VG songs into it, like Dancing Madly or something.
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