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  1. It is. when you click on them, it opens a link to ocrmirror.com
  2. if it's green, it means the person is online. If not, there off line.
  3. Wooo, stuff from Sam! Very nice work, it's good to still see ya working on stuff. Everyone should check this out.
  4. Well, Over at Anime Remix, Jill has a nice laid back mix Lullaby for Tohru
  5. Man, I don't know what it is, but I cannot formulate any comments on this or any other wip right now. All I can do is show my support for ya Dan. Keep at it.
  6. Hmmm... *puts bowl of cereal down. I doubt it, 3. Any incorporation or arrangement of source material not from games (mainstream, classical, etc.) should be extremely limited. Now if you'll excuse me,
  7. Bump. I've heard most of these tracks, and I must say, everyone is in for a treat. Come on everyone, don't be shy, post!
  8. Not for lack of trying. He's been rejected a few times and does have a mix being judged now, Beatmania 2DX 7th Style 'Traces (Tracing the Noize Mix)' *RESUB*
  9. I must say I've been lending an ear to Fernando here, and this is some hot shizz. Memories of the Past, 1:35 Synth=SEX :nicework:
  10. I wouldn't mind. I don't think the footer ads would bother anyone. Between initial thread post and first reply for guests would give people more incentive to sign up to the forums, which could be good or bad, how you look at it. Vertical ad on user profile pages (far right). If you look at the profiles, the second column seems like it could take a little squishing. Maybe for threads that are longer, there could be a banner ad to the left. <------ There is a lot of space over there.
  11. Man, this album just keeps sounding better and better every day. *goes and puts the previews on repeat.
  12. How bout a nationwide truck-stop bathroom wall campaign? *Goes to find a sharpie.
  13. I have, MGS Codec, HERE, For my brother when he calls,(and I always answer "This is snake" Dragon song, HERE, for my mom. Sephiroth's theme, FF7, midi available on request, for my boss, boss's wife, Manager, and the office(hehe) Victory fanfare, FF7, midi available on request, for anyone else.
  14. Says the man who needs to sub some mixes as well.
  15. I belive Liontamer said it was every 100 mixes. I remember there was a 1001-1500 torrent, and now its 1001-1600.
  16. plug your iPod in, go to your iPod's page in iTunes, and make sure this is checked,
  17. Man, I've been listening to that site whenever I can to hear Jill on it, oh well. So Jill, are the songs on there the full versions or just the previews?
  18. I'll be honest and say I like it, there are a couple of problems, but it is a cool feel you got going. I think Avaris is right, it does seem as though there is no lead, so I'd give his idea a shot. EDIT: oh yeah, and the bass lead needs more thud, Fo Realz.
  19. OOh, can't belive I forgot about this. I like it, and after :56 needs to be expanded on seeing that its so good. if your on AIM, shoot me a IM and I'll see if i can't help in some way.
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