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  1. I haven't heard this much dnb in awhile. But I love-love it. *even with the lyrics hidden somewhere
  2. Did someone slip some D3@dm@u5 in here? I love it! Chemical Plant was always my fav Sonic 2 track. (my god I can't believe how many times I listened to it, time and again) Never heard a club mix before of CP. Just a sweet beat, all round. PR, I hope you do more club mixes of familiar themes like this one.
  3. Although I have never heard of this series before. This "battle" theme is quite unique, almost has that armada feel. Very few orchestral covers, this one however is a delight to listen to.
  4. My headphones of use is Phillips (in-ear buds). *the ones you can usually find for less that $10-15. They work great too =D I would love to save up for a higher quality headphone later on.
  5. Thanks for reminding us of that track from Vindkast.

    I remember listening to this one a long time ago.

  6. Just listened, and delighted over the sweet sound. I love the fast paced beat, and rhythm. Honestly reminds me of Ninja Gaiden,PoP, & a bit of Sonic (but in a great way!) This new teaser is just sweet on so many levels. Hope you're working on the soundtrack. I may have just become a new fan, of this neat series.
  7. I just saw the new ad for "Epic Yarn". My stars, I nearly cried. And now listening to a fun, and happy remix. Good days are back again. **listening to a Kirby tune on a rainy day = epic! Plus collabs like this are far and few between. **chthonic + halc, you two need to work together more often.
  8. I honestly love this track most of all in PoR. It must have been tough to retrack the entire song. *Fear of Haze is literally 3 songs in one - minus the boss increment?? **in 2:20 wow that was a nice segway This is a great cover!
  9. Happy birthday friend, and a great weekend. And live life
  10. Sweet playlist! Recognize a few "hard beats" going on there. Always fun to see more projects like this come together. =D
  11. The simple times of Genesis synth (miss those days). Its great to hear new stuff featuring the sound. But music is always golden. GY - 8bc we love forever
  12. Wow, this is a very lovely tune. For a collab, you two should work together more often. I love it! =D Congrats!
  13. Thanks for the heads-up about DoD's new home.

    I was looking everywhere for the site. =D

    *sad to see that VGMIX went silent for so long

  14. Kadosho

    Metroid: Other M

    Very bizarre, I thought the bugs in NG2 were rough. But to see one in a Metroid game. Um that bites
  15. Glad I helped bring up the discussion about an OCR "Club Mix". Knowing you & Blind could come up with some fun "mixing" ideas. As always Trance lives on in our hearts, and dancing on and on. "till the break of dawn!" *hey I had to say it =D
  16. Loved this take on MZ, even with the crazyness going with S4. It keeps the crazy melody from start to finish. By chance will this be a part of the ongoing collab project?
  17. I have to admit, out of all the bgm songs in Prime 1. I always loved the underwater frigate theme. (here you give it a "BT" trip, now that is classy!) This remix still keeps that "haunting" melody. But it keeps the energy high. Solid, love it. =D
  18. aha that prime project, I remember reading about a few hints over @ mdb.

    hope the pr wasn't attacked by a metroid hatchling.

  19. Loving the teaser demo, so many different harmonies on each sample. Each song has been giving me the chills. =D Can't wait to hear the complete album.
  20. Given how rare and few tributes there are of SF. Can't wait to see what the collab team will come up with.
  21. Kadosho

    Metroid: Other M

    The "Sakamoto-isms" always bugged me for the longest time. Even though many sites, including MDB were hyped. Other M did feel like a let down. Although I haven't played OM, just seeing how far they wanted to push. It wasn't what everyone hoped for. Trying to influence "cinematic", with "drama". It doesn't always work for every series. *Samus dialog as I've read and seen some cutscenes just didn't feel right. While its great she finally has a voice, it feels overkill. **and music? its gone? only during fights, no overtone. (sigh) Metroid always contains music whatever part of the adventure you pursue. And forgive me for saying this, but I never liked the wii remote. *it doesn't work
  22. Definitely a surprise, didn't expect it to have lyrics. (but always wondered) Nice work Zyko! Just hearing the acoustic guitar sing a sweet melody. I vote there should be more covers like this one. Its a delight to the ears. =D
  23. Nice to see more friendly (and not-so friendly) faces show up this time. Of course Spidey has gotta be part of the roster (maybe with new duds?) Hmm Wesker's new attire, love it =D
  24. Now that is a trailer! *plus the fun cameos and just awesome moments. *Joe & Amaterasu's ride = priceless! **M's appearance & save What more to say? =D
  25. Loving the album from the first track, to the last. Glad to see another FF collab. But a massive 2-3 yearly collection!? Sweet V is definitely a treasure that many may play only once. *but music is something that goes on through time. And I think that is what "Wind" defines.