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  1. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes.
  2. Quote from a magazine I read (Dazed & Confused volume 2, issue 92 if you're curious) so yeah, Uematsu and Daft Punk have the same influences.
  3. ...and be sure to follow the SolidComposer twitter and Facebook page to keep track of it.
  4. Ah, nice. I'm gonna go ask my local friends to see who can come as well. BTW the venues and tickets info have been announced on the site.
  5. Little late, but happy birthday!
  6. I guess this counts as a competition of sorts. In that case I'll do a writeup of the results on my blog.
  7. Alternatively you could have just gone into the article history and reverted the vandalism by saving an earlier version of the page... which I already went in and did.
  8. No worries! It'll be posted on a different site than the one you're thinking of.
  9. I'll most likely do a writeup of this when it's released.
  10. Oh, and another bump cuz it's on tonight.
  11. Haha, I had no idea my last-minute vote would create that effect. Good entries, all.
  12. Ah, short story time! I have an idea for one, and I'll also try to gather entrants as I did last time.
  13. So yeah, starting a compo when you don't have the time organize it probably wasn't the best idea.
  14. I might as well keep an eye on this in case a meetup happens.
  15. JHCompo is on tonight! http://compo.jhsounds.com/
  16. So basically this is right up the OCR community's alley. I attended the festival last year and was amazed at the different forms of artistic interpretation and transformation displayed - live acoustic mashup cover performances, video art, remixed fashion as well as panels on machinima, the evolution of memes and so forth. OC ReMix represented at a panel a long while back at World's Fair Use Day which is partnered with RE/Mixed, so I don't think its much of a stretch to imagine that an ocremix panel could happen in NYC. At the very least it would be great place to meet up with OCR people in th
  17. My co-workers felt it, but I didn't. I happened to be in the men's room at the time, so maybe it was just sturdy in there.
  18. Well in that case, my first remix was sent out in 2005 and rejected outright, i.e. screened out and not sent to the judges... and rightfully so. My first remix was literally broken.
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