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  1. I really like this a lot.  I don't have much technical experience, so I can't really give you feedback on that front, but I'll be watching the thread for when a download link is available :)


    EDIT: Looks like Timaeus replied already, and he always gives solid advice!

  2. I knew your name sounded familiar, and sure enough, I have some old remixes of yours from 2004 and 2005!  I can't really offer much in the way of technical feedback, but this remix is a definite improvement over your earlier work I've heard.  See if you can get one of the workshop moderators to provide some feedback, because it's certainly worth preparing for submission!

  3. 17 hours ago, Souperion said:

    If this is anything like how Xenogears sounds, I need to get a copy. Like, 3 years ago. When I first listened to this, I got subtle Chrono Trigger vibes. And, lo and behold, the same Mitsuda. Excellent! 

    Anyways. A warm and sensitive soundscape, with orchestral timbres, delicately done progression and transitions, and some lovely dynamics. An ethereal atmosphere that's made almost human by expressive intensity, particularly at 1:12. Solid. The choir parts give me chills, and it's pretty well balanced. Nice work here!

    I absolutely love the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, and if anything, Xenogears is arguably even better. Albeit, it's a bit darker, which isn't surprising given the tone of the game itself, but if you like the music of Chrono Trigger, you'll love Xenogears music.

    @Aki-FRGreat remix!  If you're looking to submit it to the panel, you may need to spice it up a bit, as it may be too conservative for their tastes, but I would mention one of the Workshop Mods if you want them to provide specific feedback.

  4. Yea!  More Reminiscity!  

    My standard caveat: I don't have technical music expertise to be able to give a ton of advice about it, but as a layperson, the main instrument (the wind instrument) sounds a little too pronounced over the rest of the track.  I don't know any of the technical verbiage to use to explain how to fix it, so hopefully someone like @Gario comes along and provides more constructive advice. :)

    I love the direction that you're going with this, though!  I hope you keep working on it!

  5. The only game missing that I think of as a quintessential Genesis game is Spider-Man Vs. the Kingpin, but with all of the licensing hoops likely required to get it on the mini, I'm not surprised it's absent.  The rest of the lineup looks incredible, though.

  6. I loved reading about that, and I really enjoyed the movie, as did my wife.  My 8 year old son wants to go back and see it several more times.  I'm honestly impressed at how well they did a live-action Pokemon movie, which, before this movie was announced, I didn't think was possible without it becoming another Dragonball Evolution debacle.

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