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Lately I've been checking out the iLike application for Facebook. It's a nifty, easy-to-use feature that really helps to promote artists that... you like. Free promotion is awesome; more fans and profile ads = more visibility. Represent VGM! Not only that, but this is also really important for people like sgx, Beatdrop, pixie, and myself who are all building up careers as independent musicians. You can really help all of us with minimal effort and iLike.

Here's a bunch of links to get you started.



http://apps.facebook.com/ilike/artist/jilliangoldin (pixietricks)




As you can see, it's an easy link format, so you can find any of your favorite ReMixers and add them no problem.

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Sweet I tried to add just OC Remix as a whole to iLike the other day and it didn't have anything. It would be nice if we could work a link into mixer profiles so people can tag them easier. Thanks for the heads up!

EDIT: Popped in placeholders for Pixie and Dave using their OC Remix profile pics. Go right ahead and change them if you want, but for some reason they HAVE to be square.

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Andy already edited the post above, but just as a note... I'd love it if you guys could use my real name, Jillian Goldin, as opposed to pixietricks if you decide to add me. I'll be uploading some remixes to that profile, but it's also going to be a resource for the original music on my upcoming album. :>


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