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My Stop Motion movie


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Hi Everybody,

I'm a long time observer on this site, and today I wanna share one of my works with you.

This is a stop-motion movie with legos. I received some funds to create it, this movie's a pilot for what could be an upcoming mini-series on the net.

Why I am coming on a game music forum to post the movie link? Because the score composer and myself are both nostalgic of the 8bits video games era, and you'll notice the use of NES sample instruments in the soundtrack. Those oldschool samples sounded right in this movie. Even the ending chase sequence is scored like an oldschool "boss battle".

Check it here :


The movie's in french, but don't worry, I added english subtitles ! ;)



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Yeah I agree with everyone here, that was pretty awesome!

with alot of sub-par stop-motion movies using legos, I was expecting something of poor to mediocre quality when I saw the legos but was I proven wrong!!! Holy Crap! :)

Great animation, great voice work, and awesome humor. I'll be looking for more great stuff from you in the future!

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Thanks for the support guys !

Anthonium, this movie took more than 4 months to create (not talking about the script writing or the animation learning)... It was not an "all-day-long" work since I had other projets, but I'd say it was 3 to 4 hours of work every day from November to March.

I'm sorry, I was not able to translate Henri's last quote (the one that makes Clara laugh). It's a pretty dumb joke, something you'd never say to a girl you've just met. :)

Any other question ? :P

If I am able to find a producer, I'll do more episodes...

Thanks again !



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