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OCR00953 - Phantasy Star "Wanta Phanta"


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Thanks for posting this, djp. And thanks for the reviews, everyone.

Like TimberWolf said, this was originally written for IMC Popcorn #2 which was a 24-hour compo. I worked on it after the contest before submitting it to OCR so this is slightly different from the winning version. Still, for the amount of time I spent on this I was pleased with how it turned out even if it is a bit simple. anyways, here's a rundown of the instruments for those interested.

bass - saw+subosc through resonant filterenv and then through a lo-fi or rate reduction effect for that crunchy distortion. Lots and lots of compression. Add some delay and eq automation.

piano - a thick chorusing on a reverbed JV1010 piano patch that goes away as it comes in. I get a mental image of a grand piano rising out of the ocean when I hear it. :)

strings - reverbed and flanged JV1010 string patch... why do I like flanging on strings so much?

lead - I set up two square oscillators in sync mode on my VirusC with chorusing. I was going to set up an lfo to change the pitch of the moduator but decided to manually move the knob myself as it was playing with very lively results. Almost too lively. Finalize it with some delay and reverb.

Also, like DJP pointed out, there's some interesting panning and volume changes in the B sections. It gives the illusion that the lead is circling around your head if you're wearing headphones.

drums - acoustic drumkit samples I had purchased, I used an algorithmic composer, Band-In-A-Box to help me reach my artistic vision for the percussion sequence. It worked out quite well.

guitar - that's me playin' my strat. I used my Boss VF-1 for the effects on it.

Put the whole thing together and mastered it in logic audio. EDIT: You can listen to the other entries here.


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Nice and catchy. I like it. And of course the game itself rules, and has lots of great music. The intro to this remix almost sounds like synthesized speech. I thought it was trying to say something for a second or two until I realized it was not speech. Yes, it's short, but I like it anyway. Oh well I'll just click on the MP3 file multiple times to play it again and again to "extend" it. Great job!

I wonder whatever happened to the original composer, "Bo"? He's done some great stuff.

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Great mix. The funky beat had my head bobbing through the whole song, and whatever that lead instrument is (I can't think of what it is for some reason) goes through a lot of sound experimentation that all worked well. It's been said before and I'll say it also: its shortness is a good quality, because it doesn't beat us over the head with a repetitive melody. The problem with some of the longer mixes is that the middle section sometimes falls into a bland sort of repetiton where nothing new is added, so short mixes have the edge since they can remain fresh throughout.

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This is badass! I really love this remix. Even if I didn't think Phantasy Star was the best game in the universe I would like this one, because, like others have said, it is high quality and is just good to listen to. It sounds great on my car stereo, a big system with tons of bass. There is a nice clean separation, and all the sounds are perfectly clear and well-mixed. I really liked the guitar part. It fit so well! You also changed the melody from the original song just enough to make it interesting and fit the feel of the remix (I actually like your reworked timing better then the original), yet you didn't change it so much that it was unrecognizable. It is a little short, but I think you cut it off at a good place, as a lot of people make the mistake of dragging a song out too long and making you sick of the melody, especially for songs like this where the source material is fairly simple to begin with. Anyway, good job! You've got a new fan.

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Heh...hearing this song brings back memories...Phantasy Star was the first RPG I ever played, and it's still one of the best, in my book. This ReMix certainly does honor the memory :D. It is Greatness with a capital G. It's catchy, well-played and overall a very enjoyable melody.

Aaaah...just closing my eyes when listening to Wanta Phanta gets my mind to exploring dark caves, fighting Owlbears and Werebats, and finding cake shops in the middle of those same dark caves :).

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I seem to recall that it was supposed to be the Phantasy Star dungeon theme. I can kind of hear the resemblance...

Anyway, this ReMix is a little on the short side, but oh so much on the sweet side. I really hope to see more of your other stuff show up on OCR (Sonik Metro, in particular). Nice work, analoq. :)

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I really like this one. I recently downloaded most of the ReMixes on the site (just before the damned torrent file, too...), but I hadn't listened to this one yet because I'd never played Phantasy Star before.


Well, a week or so ago, I was at my boyfriend's house and we were playing it. It was on an emulator :( My initial reaction was "Holy f*** this kicks Nintendo's ass!" And so I've been playing it for the past week with a passion.

Could someone please tell me how they made those dungeon tunnel things...? I still don't get it.

So...with my hard drive beginning to get a bit cluttered, I decided to put all OCReMixes on 6 CDs. While organizing them, I was trying to decide which Mixes I should keep on my hard drive to listen to on a regular basis.

Since I started playing Phantasy Star and never heard this Mix, I thought I'd better give it a go.


Anyway, back to the actual 'review'...

Generally, I'm not a fan of fun-kay music unless I'm watching 70s black-sploitation films, but wow this ReMix is an exception.

Everything just seems to fit. The synth strings, e-piano, bass, the lead...thing all work really well together. Without hearing this mix, I'd never think those instruments could complement each other so well. I love the lead...whatever the heck it is...über-distorted guitar.

The drums are just great. The percussion is really what makes the song as good as it is.

Someone, maybe DJP in his write-up, said the mix was short. Perhaps in comparison with the rest of analoq's mixes it's short, but I think it's a good length for the song, personally. Erm...actually the "Medusa" VGM file is the exact same length as the mix, therefore it fits (<=corrupted Lauren logic) ^_^

Plus, there would be too much repetition in the mix if it were any longer, unless a break were added in or somethin'.

Hm...I don't quite think it's as particularly good as some of analoq's other work, though, since the mix gets a bit repetative after a while. I mean after several listenings, not one time around. 10 times repeatedly would be a bit much for me, but to each his own ^_^

It doesn't lose its groove, though.

I still have yet to play far enough into the game to hear where this music is, so I don't have an area association for the song yet...I have the VGMs, though. Am I mistaken, or is the intro supposed to resemble the "Cave" music? I know the actual song is the "Medusa" VGM, but I can't put my finger on the intro...

Since my overall message is rather convoluted, I'll revert to the ol' ?/10 grading method.

This mix is a 7.5/10

The only downsides from my point of view are the ending and the repetative nature of the piece. Both of those things are probably a matter of my own tastes, though, since I can't really provide any reasoning to back up either statement. :?

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Just wanted to say that I put this track on my iRiver, and it has gotten more playtime than any of the other 56 songs. Incredibly funky, and much like the situation where you go to comment on how sound your cousins newborn baby is sleeping and you realize that it is the definition of the phrase "sleeping like a baby", so is this track "music to my ears". One doesn't even have to like Phantasy Star or know what ocremix is, as shown by several of my friends (one a hip-hop DJ) who also enjoyed it very much. Great Stuff!



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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00953 - Phantasy Star "Wanta Phanta"

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