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What are you playing?


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I have about 30 games [ :(! ] in a queue that I haven't even touched yet. Right now I'm playing through the first Hitman game, and Soldier of Fortune.

SoF runs oddly though, like sometimes certain textures won't display. I'm thinking this is just a case of forgotten backwards compatibility with my display drivers. It's still playable at least. It reminds me of SiN without the 10 minute loading times.

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I play GTA4 every once in a while when I want to just mess around send a car flying through the air.

I play Smash Bros brawl only when my buddies are around (weekends at night).

... I'm just trying to occupy myself until :


upon which every waking moment of my life will revolve around playing that. :)

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Earthbound: Started it a few days ago, after I read somewere that it had a lot to do with Mazedude's style. A true mind-changing experience, it's like reading a great book after a lifetime of reading crap!

Cave Story: What a mastrepiece... It's freeware, so just check it out. It's worth it, big time.

That's it. Thanks for asking:-P

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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on Wii - It probably has the best story out of any game. Some games have predictable, dumb stories, but Fire Emblem will never insult your intelligence. Instead, it's inspiring and it's almost impossible to guess what will happen next. I have never wanted to kill certain characters so badly (and you do get to kill them, and it feels good). I'm telling you, it's like the best soap opera ever crossed with chess on steroids.

I'm also playing Streets of Rage 3 on virtual console. It's one of the hardest street brawlers I've ever played, and the music is awesome. I get pumped up just by hearing the stage select music.

I also enjoy playing rock band on my friend's Xbox. I like singing Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'.

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I played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on an acquaintance's PS3 tonight (I just met him, so I can't really call him a friend). I'm normally not one to go gaga over graphics but I was drooling over the physics engine. The whole really feels like a movie. Maybe the Indiana Jones 4 that didn't involve aliens.

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More frequently (at least until done):

Gradius Collection (PSP) - Recent addition. Played the old games a bunch, so this is a blast as always.

Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (GB) - Finally grabbed a copy of this game recently. Moderately fun.

And more infrequently:

Fatal Fury Battle Archives, Vol. 2 (PS2) - The Real Bout games. Good old stuff to play now and then.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GC) - Still trying to get A-Ranks on everything, but I just get so dang lazy. Stupid, boring game...

Mega Man: Powered Up (PSP) - I can't believe that after a 1-1/4 years, I'm still bothering to try and clear all the crap in this game from time to time.

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I recently bought Sonic Mega Collection +, and as a Sonic fanboy my joy goes though the roof!!!

Which version?

I found the ps2 version to be a little laggy.

I am currently playing:

FFV Advance

Okami (PS2)

Harvey Birdman


I will soon start MGS3, which I never got around to playing.

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Been bouncing between a few older titles. June is kinda my 'replay old games' month moreso than any other.

However I just got Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Mugen no Frontier on the DS. Thats been fun for my little inner fanboy.

Everything else I'm playing are spurts of other games for minutes at a time which I don't think really counts.

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Super Princess Peach, Halo 3 (everytime I swear to put it away for good, it creeps back into my life), and MGS1. Just bought the collection, so I'm trying to replay the first one again to ready myself up for 2 and 3.

Just got done with Army of Two and Apollo Justice, which were both fun. Ao2 had an interesting story; the commercials I saw didn't hint at it one bit.

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