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Are there any games you guys play over and over again?


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Games I've played through many times:

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

(including a 3 hearts, nothing that's not necessary to beat the game run)

Metroid Prime

Super Mario Bros. 3 (a few sittings)

Super Mario World (one sitting)

Final Fantasy X

Donkey Kong Country 2 (a few sittings, unless I'm trying to get everything)


Phantom Dust

I'm also on a never-ending quest to Catch 'Em All™ in Pokemon G/S/C, which I pick up every now and then.

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I wish i could find a copy of this game...I love it so, and it would most likely be on my list as well...

me, my brother, and cousins would play this coop all the time back in the day

makes me want to play it now!

also, adding to my list, I binge on DKC games every now and again and I've beaten Ocarina of Time from start to finish something like 10 times, many of them in a row, when I was younger.

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for me its megaman x4

there have been stretches when ive beaten that game five days in a row and love it every single time

it only takes me an hour and 15 minutes to play through so whenever im bored and i think what should i play when i have no other ideas i just pick it up and run through it

I freakin second this. Megaman X4 is all lock and load and go. That's why I love playing this game over and over. Storyline is short and sweet and most if not all of the game is action. It just maybe the the best in the X series.

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you people are really confused well at least some of you are

this was not a hey tell me what games youve beaten more than once thread or tell me what games you really really love thread

this is a what games can you beat one day then beat again the very next day and the day after and so on

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I used to beat Super Metroid at least once every month. I got my time down to something like 1:06... Also played through Final Fantasy II (SNES) about a dozen times.

The most obscure though (and those are the most fun right?): I've played through Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (Genesis) like 10 times. I don't know why, I just fucking love it.

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Mine are difficult to explain. Every year, the first game I make sure I sit down and play through, regardless of what other games are available, is Banjo-Kazooie in the second half of May, because in my first year of college, after having finished I was looking for something to do to kill time, popped it in, and played through it in about a week (12 hours). I've since gotten my completion time down to about 6-7 hours, and enjoy it every time. Last year, I took the LSAT test in June, so I was studying for that in conjunction with working 30-40 hours per week. I didn't get to play it, and really felt that my summer was off to a bad start.

Every October, on the first Saturday at the end of the first full week (don't ask why), I play Mega Man X straight through in the morning. Then, in the end of October, I play through Majora's Mask.

My best explanation for this is that I have some memory of a really good time playing these games (like the Banjo-Kazooie thing) at some point and am constantly trying to recreate that experience. Of course, I'm sure the therapist that I'll need sometime down the line will agree with me.

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this is a what games can you beat one day then beat again the very next day and the day after and so on

Revised list:

Metroid: Zero Mission

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Hmm, actually, some days I'd play it for a long time, but end up NOT beating it, or just losing over and over again and not advancing one bit... I like my games difficult like that. But when the game is that fun, the player ALWAYS wins! or something...

I was also hooked on Resident Evil 4's "mercenaries" bonus game for a period of time...

Also: fun with punctuation!!

This is a what?! Games, can you beat one day? Then beat again the very next day and the day after and so on.
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A few I forgot include Metal Gear Solid 1 - Sadly I don't own the game, but I sometimes borrow it and play through it once or twice,

Also, I'm suprised I haven't seen Goldeneye on this list yet (forgive me if I missed it) its such a classic, Everytime I put it in I at least run through the Dam on agent or 007 agent, its easy, but it's a blast to just cruise through. I also play the multiplayer whenever I get a chance.

Recently I picked up Ninja Gaiden 2 and Super Metroid on VC I never had the chance to play either of these before, not even SM, but I'm glad I got them, I haven't finished a run through NG yet, but I've gone through SM once, NG is getting more playtime though, it's fun to memorize the levels and see how far I can make it in one sitting.

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Oh My God!



Kill bosses in different ways. Fun weapons system. It's just REALLY satisfying to blow crap up... it feels right when you shoot something, which I can't say about most games. It's like they neglect that sudden impact. It's just remarkably fun to shoot stuff, and the fact that you can blow stuff up in multiple ways makes me even happier. The music is good too. That's why I love Einhander. If only there were a level select in the American version.

.... OVER... and over again. Fantastically replayable. It's going to be available on the PlayStation Network soon (Japan first, maybe US one day), which means I should be able to play it on my PSP, which will be heaven on Earth... well, close to it. :) I mean, I already have it on PlayStation1, but hell, to play einhander on a portable device! Man... I could play that game over and over again. Love it!

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Revised list:

I beat these nearly everyday:

Kirby Super Star

Kirby's Adventure/Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

Mega Man X5

Mega Man Zero 1-4

I try to beat this at least once a year:

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Beaten at least 10 times)

Kirby Super Star is just amazingly fun, I can go through every corner of that game and never get tired of it. It's way more fun to play with friends though. Revenge of Meta Knight is the shit. :D

Kirby I just can't enough of, best time is 1:04:98 on Meta Knightmare (GBA Version).

Mega Man X5 is, by far, my favorite of the X Series (don't ask). I just find it the most fun of them all for some reason and I like the armors in them the best.

I usually pick one of the Mega Man Zero games at random and play through it. They are by far some of the hardest in the entire Mega Man series, in my opinion, though I think the originals are pretty difficult too. My favorite would have to be either Mega Man Zero 2 or 3.

SMRPG: LotSS is probably my favorite game to play through just because the boss fights are amazing and it's just fun to play through as a whole. One thing I have still yet to do is get one of the secret chests at the very beginning when you have to jump on Toads' head and jump in the right spot to uncover it, it's a pain in the ass..

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For a while, I would play through Super Metroid once (or even more) a day. At the pinnacle of this obsession I was able to do a continuous 100% run in 1:39. With save states, I was able to pull it off in 1:05.

I also did the same thing with DKC3, landing at 2:55 for my best time at a 103% run.

Other games I like to beat in a single sitting are:

Megaman X

Megaman X4

Kirby Super Star (My most favorite Kirby game)

Starfox64 (It was the best back when me and two of my brothers were fiercely competing for the high score)

Super Mario bros. 3 (no warps, you cheat yourself if you don't do every level)

Super Mario World (the sram battery on my cart died, so I'm kinda forced too)

Metroid Prime (Sequence breaking is so much fun!)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (sometimes I can't beat this one in a single sitting.)

Man, just thinking about these games makes me want to hook up their respective console and have a go at it.

Also, I was also thinking of adding Sonic 3 and Knuckles, because at one point in time I played it obsessively, but now I don't particularly care for it.

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For me it would have to be MegaMan 2, and maybe MegaMan 3. I've always loved MegaMan and the second game will always be my favorite. After seeing a speedrun of it, I looked around for others until I determine the fastest completion time for it. I think I found it to be about 37 minutes, played on an NTSC version rom. So I sat down and beat MegaMan 2 atleast once every day. For about 5 months. My best time was about 41 minutes on the slower PAL version of the game on my NES, so I don't know if I'm technically faster or not, but the point is I played the hell out of that game. If I had the time, I would do it again.

A sidenote: A couple of months into my MM2 gaming frenzy, I started doing the same with MM3 but I never got as close that the fastest time on that one.

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