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Need soothing mixes for girlfriend.


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So I'm been having trouble when the girlfriend sleeps over, she can't sleep without TV or something and I can't sleep at all with the TV on. So music is a good compromise and I need some recommendations for soft mixes that you might be able to sleep to. The first night we listened to Air, but not quite chill enough apparently. So i need your help, please recommend some soothing sleepable remixes. For that matter any type of music you guys can sleep to?

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Hazama's Genso Suikoden is extremely relaxing.

Just Chill by the Pancake Chef

Another Inspiration by Scott Peeples

Klutz's 600 A.d. In Piano

Morning Sunlight by Sephfire and SirRus.

There are plenty more, but ultimately it is you who decides what is relaxing. I know some things that relax me, make others tense.

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AmIEvil - River of Time

AmIEvil - Death on the Snowfield

Avien - Slow Moon Groove

Chris Powell - Da Streets

Chronosis - Time Voyager

Dale North - Merry Little Christmas

Dale North - Northern Promise

Dale North - Rena Lanford of Arlia Village

Disco Dan - Green Amnesia

Gux - Smooth Mana

kLuTz - 600 A.D. in Piano

McVaffe - Ice Mountain Symphonic

mp - Guardia Forest Spirits

Mustin, Kassie! - Cry From the Forest

Neil Benjamin - Far Away Memories

Red Tailed Fox - Suca de Melancia

Theophany - Aquescent Symphony

Vigilante - Beneath the Surface

In particular, I highly recommend Aquescent Symphony, River of Time, Green Amnesia, and Rena Landford of Arlia Village for "soothing".

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The post-rock band Jakob has a number of songs that are highly relaxing. Saint, which can be heard on their myspace page, is a highlight, as well as the songs Overseen, I Was Hidden, and Laburnum.

I really do like that band Jakob, had never heard of them, thanks! It's true that different people find many different things relaxing, I'm not quite sure what her take on relaxing is. thanks everyone for the quick responses, i'll checkout the rest of the recommendations later.

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Just get some mellow reggae. You'll dream about the beach all night and you'll wake up feeling good. You think that was a bad reply? I was intending on quoting your post and putting a bunch of lol faces, but I decided to be nice. Try some reggae. Also, this is very soothing, but not in a sex-you-up type way. It the be the mellowest, happiest 3 minute piece of music I've ever heard.


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