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OCR01000 - Super Mario RPG "Booster Tarantino"

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I feel like the sax gets lost sometimes in the other aspects of the song, which is bad cause to me, the whole heart of Booster's theme was that sax. If the sax was kicked up a few notches so it didn't seem so background...

Other then that of course, the rest of it sounds great as usual. It doesn't quite sound surf-like, but it does sound like something for the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. The background again seems to take a lot of precedence over the sax itself, but it's put together really well, so I can't completely fault that.

The ending left me wanting more...like it wasn't a real ending. Maybe a solo ending would have left me feeling better about it, but...

Of course, I love it. It's just...it falls just a little short of my expectations I guess.

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Wow, I guess I got my post deleted by DJP, that's kinda cool.

Anyways, this is great stuff. If I didn't know it was electronic beforehand, I probably could've been told it was real and not second guessed it. The sax sounds fantastic with the over compression and when the keyboard comes in it really sounds old-school. When I was reading the write-up I was actually thinking "Wow this is so Pulp Fiction!" So I guess DJP really hit the nail on the head with what he was goin' for. I love the Booster song, and this is a different, yet whole-heartedly satisfying song to kick off the next 1000 mixes. :)


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High quality production. Obviously a lot of time and planning went into this remix, it was really well made. But that being said, the song won't get a chance to play twice on my computer, it's already deleted. If I wanted to listen to 'surf' or pulp fiction, I'd either go back to the 70's California or buy the Pulp Fiction OST. "Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?" Come on DJP, the majority of your fans (myself included) would rather you stick to what brings home the bacon, not the spam.

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The first time I listened to it, I thought it was repetitive, while still loving the second part of the original playing and the solos and stuff. I listened again and everything manages to be new with each phrase...except the second to last one...that's the only one where I felt repetition. That was the only bad thought coming to mind, other than the possible "I wish this was longer!" The good I had in mind:

1.)It's from the main booster tower theme, which I've been waiting for a mix for a long time.

2.)Most everyone has said everything else I was going to say.

I wonder if that guy who mentioned 70s California would have kept it if djp hadn't mentioned Pulp Fiction or surfing. It seemed to be the only purpose for deleting it. Why someone wouldn't want more of its style if they were to do those two mentioned things I don't know.

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I am so putting the top down when I ride with this playing in my car. This has that open linen shirt, sunglasses, hair blowing feel to it as you're cruising doing 65 down a sun parched highway. Definetly dig that.

I was a little perturbed when I first started listening because I wasn't picking up the SMRPG vibe, but then when I started NOT listening for it, I realized how it was there so sublime.

Very cool DJP.

I bet it would have come out really well using a six-string as the dominant instrument too.

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Hey djp, as I listened to this I felt as if I had been timewarped back to the 70's where the jazz flowed like wine and cheap beer. I really liked the original Booster Tower theme, and this is just an excellent addition to OCR. #1000 was a success as far as I'm concerned, wouldn't expect any less from you. 8)

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Well, it’s been almost three months, djpretzel. I can honestly say, I’m not disappointed. The fact that this was your first real attempt at mixing this genre only adds to the credibility of your work.

This has great production values and is extremely well carried off. I think the thing I like most about this though, is that you’ve thrown something completely different out there. It’s a great advertisement for OCR in general.

Good show, Sir.

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Suck up.
As for the song, pretty much what everyone else but ENDBLINK had to say. It was very well produced, and DJP you're getting extremely talented :)
Well, I am.

Honestly, I prefered the original idea and song. Thing is, I can kinda feel this was last minute rushed. I seem to get a feeling that djp is the type of guy to change his mind at the last minute often, and I feel this mix suffers for it.

Personally, I like the idea of the sax, but I think it sounds terrible. Maybe it's the compression of the file, but the whole mix sounds incredibly "grainy" on two different stereo systems set at neutral levels.

I also think this would have been even more exciting had this come out BEFORE Shadow's Bus! OC ReMix, which sounds much higher in quality and grabs the "Tarantino" idea better. Plus, Bus! is a catchier ditty.

Knowing what I know of then, and what I know now, I'm hoping the original mix planned comes out soon, and hopefully the extra time will make it really something special, 'cause this mix was a disappointment.

Not djp's best stuff, taken from source material that's too "safe", and unfortunately, too soon after something very similar.

Reading djp's write up, I knew I was going to be disappointed when I read this:

I'm not unhappy with the result...
I immediately said to myself: "This mix is gonna be one of those that needed more time."

Anyway, you can't please all the people all the time. To each their own.

EDIT: Spelling

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Personally, I like the idea of the sax, but I think it sounds terrible. Maybe it's the compression of the file, but the whole mix sounds incredibly "grainy" on two different stereo systems set at neutral levels.

Well, all I can recommend doing is trying headphones. You're right in the sense that, from a recording perspective, it doesn't sound like anything else I've done, and isn't very "clean" - but from what I've heard of this type of music, and what I was shooting for, I feel that would have been inappropriate. The idea was to recreate the old spring reverb style, wall-of-sound thing that the 60's and early 70's had going', and you don't do that with pristine, digital quality. The sax is overblown, like you would hear in this style. As for the safety of the source material, and your overall take on the piece - like you say, to each their own. I knew this one would play to very mixed reviews, as it's very different, but that was certainly my intention. The distinct possibility exists that this just isn't a type of music some people will like, no matter what. Bus! is similar in some ways but very different in that the recording is straight - not trying to emulate older mastering or effects.

As for the question about gear used:

- Drums and organ were Yamaha Motif

- Bass was from the Spectrasonics Trilogy VSTi

- Guitars and sax were Gigastudio

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This was always one of my favorites from SMRPG. Glad it was finally remixed. I not only got the SMPRPG "vibe" right when I started listening to it, but the Pulp Fiction vibe as well. I felt this mix was extremely well done, and I enjoy listening to it multiple times. Perhaps not for everybody, but who cares? Anyone who thought OCR1000 should have been something that blows EVERYONE out of the water no matter their musical tastes would be living in a dream world.

Anyway, love the sound quality, love the music. Terrific!

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im just in disbelief that this wasnt live instruments. they sound way too good. especially the sax

that reverb was right on, thats exactly how it sounded back in the 60s

damn this is a really impressive "wanna-be live" remix. Makes me wanna do the batman

anyway, "love hurts" is still my favorite ;)

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1000 strong and what a kickin track to put it on.

i dunno why ppl keep complaining bout the sax, i think it's PERFECT. its adding another reason why i m gonna learn to play (sax that is)

major bonus to DJP (we're not worthy!! we're not worthy!!) for a kickin tune.

((BTW, i think your sig is the funniest thing in existence, neostormx))

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Wow! This mix makes me wish I hadn't quit sax lessons...

Anyway, it does sound like the Bus! remix. When I heard the Bus! remix, I thought, "Hey, there should be more remixes like this out there! This is awesome!" And now there is.

First thing I've heard from DJPretzel that I actually liked enough to go in a playlist. But that's because of genre, not musical talent, I think. Glad he's trying new things...

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