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OCR01799 - Super Mario RPG "Flubber Mountain"


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It took me a minute to figure out where this song was from but once the theme came in I caught it. What an overlooked piece of music to remix!

The instruments have a unique sound with all those sound fx added in. It's got a nice full sound even at the quieter parts.

It's fun, it's crazy, and it fits well with the original level - a madcap race with pixelly graphics from my favorite game of all time.

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Is there anything Mazedude can't do?

I love that so frequently in his comments he mentions that he is always thinking of new ways to challenge himself. Major props for that, and it's something that everyone (especially myself) should give some serious thought to.

The kettle drums really drive this, and the whole track has a really fun atmosphere and the unique instrumentation makes it sound really spontaneous and lively. I love the fill-in squeaks and blats, and the constantly shifting sonic field. Instruments segue from leads to chordal parts seamlessly, and then a whole new group of instruments come in.

An aside, when I finally got to meet him at Magfest, I was starting to feel really sick and was headed to my room to lay down, so I had to cut our conversation short. Sorry if I seemed impolite, 'dude, I really wish I could have stayed and talked more. :-(

Overall an exceedingly creative mix, I love it, and I'm really excited to hear what Mazedude will do next. :-)

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Mazedude is here, as usual, to show all of us what this site is really for, givin' respect to all video game music and any genre. Always loved his stuff because of that. This is no exception, showing an amount of talent most people cannot imagine. I wouldn't be suprised if his next mix was 'Quest 64 - Spirit in da Hood' gangsta rap mix and created another wonderful masterpiece out of it (Anybody else, however... please stay away from that :)).

Great stuff.

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Didn't expect anyone to remix this source tune anytime soon. Leave to Mazedude to pick this quirky source and make it even quirkier. I think that it complements the folk-y vibe of the original really well, particularly the accordion lead.

I'm downloading the whole project now. Really hope it has some quality tracks that are as good as this one.

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