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Mega Man 9: Back in Blue - History


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Project is currently in evaluation.

Old website is down. We probably wont have a new website until release of the project.

Teasers can be found here:



OLD NEWS POSTS BELOW-------------------------------------


It's looking like we're going to shoot for a May release date, Basically that turns it into crunch time - 3 months away, I've already talked with a few of you to discuss this and make sure you can commit, but I'll be getting with more of you to make sure you guys are up for it and that everyone is on board.

PROJECT WEBSITE: http://kwix.shackspace.com/mm9

CURRENT MIXER LIST: http://kwix.shackspace.com/mm9/mixers.html

CURRENT PROJECT STATUS: gaining mixers & finalizing a solid release date.

UPDATE - 2.3.10

Hey guys. Thanks for offering to take as many tracks as you did, Plug Electric, Flash in the Dark, and Wily Machine are now well covered in my opinion, perhaps even too much so... if such a thing we're possible. I've got some great news to share with you all, Newcomer Ralph Vickers has been accepted onto the project and Sixto has decided to make a comeback!! The project is looking up and if things go well I will have a release date planned soon!


Additionally, Is anyone willing to help Corran out with an Acoustic Guitar bit? I know we have TONS of guitarists in the community, is anyone capable or willing to lend him a hand?


I gave the naming idea a good few spins in my head, decided on how I felt about some of the offered suggestions and decided that, yes - the project will have a fancy name, and that name will be Back in Blue. Thanks Author :)

UPDATE - 11.5.09

Well i suppose it was inevitable. Things we're just going too good. It looks like some unfortunate circumstances have lead to Sixto Sounds & Nekofrog leaving the project. Sixto had a hard drive crash which is always a big pain to deal with, from what I gather he lost quite a bit, including all the project details he was working on. This also means I need to do a bit more recruitment. A few really good songs have opened up so I'll be trying to get a hold of some new mixers. This means if you want one of the new open tracks you should get in touch with me!

The tracks that have opened up are the following:

Plug Electric: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kM-9qEe9lM

Flash in the Dark (Wily1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltslPAxbUsU

Castle of Evil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6VwbyYjLZE

All of these are *amazing* tracks and I'd really like to have them covered, so if you were looking for a track but didn't see anything you liked before, please give these a listen and let me know if you'd like to take a stab at covering them.

Additionally, this also means our December release date probably isn't going to happen. I'll keep you guys posted and we'll see who i can get to take the tracks. Honestly I'd really like to have 1 more awesome guitar track on the project, but I'm willing to try anything!


UPDATE - 9.1.09

So guys.. Sup? Lets play a game of good news & bad news. Which one you want first? ..good news? okay.

The good news.. is that I set a September 1st Due date, its here, and the mixers have delivered. Oh man, they have definitely delivered. Not everyone is finished, but i definitely have some killer tracks. It gets even better though, I teased a bit that I might be dropping a second preview teaser.. and it looks like im going to come through for you all.



Now the bad news, sorry.

I'm at the point in the project where i need to figure out when to release, and basing that on my mixers progress and how the projects are going and on some sage wisdom from Pretzel himself, it looks like we're setting a release month of December. Probably about December 15th. I know it seems far away, but remember.. it's already September.

For the mixers, expect 1 more serious WIP deadline, followed by a release deadline, anyone who doesn't have something for me by the next deadline will *probably* be kicked off the project, unless they can commit to the final deadline and have a great excuse. The next deadline will be around Halloween.

UPDATE - 5.30.09

Alright everyone. Now that we have our mixers setup, most have started at the very least working on the tracks, it's time for another due date. This one is going to be a bit more serious then the last one. We're looking to have most tracks finalized by September 1st. Thats a good 3 months away at this point in time, so it gives everyone plenty of time to get stuff together and get something to me.

Assuming all goes according to plan, we will be looking at releasing the project some time shortly after that, If we do fall behind again, expect something like a December release, but it is definitely my goal to have things finished by the end of the year. Thanks for all the support guys ^_^

UPDATE - 5.20.09

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that we opened up the artwork section with some teaser art. We're about 50% done with the project, got another WIP-date to go, and then a release date. Thanks for all the support and hard work, thanks everyone!!

UPDATE - 4.20.09

Teaser is out!!!! let us know what you all think!



UPDATE - 4.15.09

Hey guys, just letting you know that i'm going to delay the teaser date by just a few days to give everyone a chance to polish things up and give a few late mixers a chance to get their stuff to me. Thanks everyone for contributing and I hope I have a few more songs in my WIP folder soon!

UPDATE - 4.7.09

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that so far i have a few WIPS and things are going smoothly. I'm still hunting for artists to do some of the artwork, but other then that we are pretty much solid. To the mixers, please get me your WIPS before the 15th if you want your song to be featured somehow in the teaser, the sooner the better. I'll be handing out some PMs just to make sure everyone is aware of whats going on.

Also, I'm planning on switching to this thread for the official forums of the website, as the current forums had a lot of problems and don't see much activity, plus everyone is already registered here, so it should just be easier in general. We got one week left until the teaser comes out, so assuming i get a few more tracks, i'll see you all then.


Hey all - I don't make a lot of posts these days and I honestly haven't been active in the community for quite awhile, but that's about to change in a big way.

I come today to announce my 2nd official project.


Thats right, It's Megaman 9. I've already started recruiting mixers and artists with the hopes of having the project completed at the very latest by the end of the year. I'm making this post to give you guys a heads up and invite you all to come check out the website and the project. We plan on covering about 27 tracks or so and maybe even some bonus tracks if this gets as big as i think it will get. In addition to the music, i also plan on offering a large artwork section with a few of my favorite artists from the community already contributing. Much like my previous project, there are no style requirements, Any musical style goes.

That being said, we still need some more help - Another purpose of this post is to officially start open recruitment for mixers and artists to help contribute to the project. I'm pretty open and if you would like to help then please drop me a line - There are no upfront requirements for being considered, I only want 1 track of your work to be considered for the project. You can contact me via PM, or on the projects official forums.

If mixing isn't your thing and you still want to contribute, im still looking for artists of all styles. I'd like to see at least 1 piece of work before i allow you to contribute to the project.

If you want to see who is already involved or who is covering what tracks, then please check out the website! everything is there! Thanks for reading guys and i'll be posting teasers in the coming weeks so be prepared :) This game is awesome and I'm thrilled to have a shot to pay tribute to the game that dared to be 2d with an industry so focused on the graphics. I can't do it alone though - I need a few more mixers and a few more artists before things can really start moving. Hope to have your help and support.


Official Project Website:


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As a person who was very disappointed with the oveall quality of the arrangements found in the official Mega Man 9 Arranged album, I cannot wait to hear what the *real* pros can conjure up.

Agreed on the most part:

Wily Machine had so much fucking potential, and then they just drop the ball. So many times you think it will pick up and be all guitar kickass and it fades back to boring.

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Man, that certainly was quick.

I wish you the best of luck and will be following the progress religiously.

Praise be to Protoman.

(Also, I'm kinda surprised there hasn't ever been a project for MM2 or 3...or I guess any of the MM games. What gives?)

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Well, i started a splash woman remix recently, but i see that's already taken...

I do have interest in Galaxy Man's stage, however; i see nothing about deadlines anywhere. If you could give me a better idea about timelines/deadlines i might be inclined to join.

After the project fills up, i will be setting the first general deadline in about 2 months time, A lot of the mixers are busy and unlike my cave story project, i don't intend on rushing things along.

My first major goal is to get a good solid group of mixers committed and set working on a track - I'd be content when we have about 18+ of the tracks covered, though I would love to see 25. Once that goal is met, i will set up a basic WIP deadline in about 2-3 months time. Think like March or something.

Beyond that, if the project continues to gain steam and tracks DO fill up - and I have more mixers that want to take on tracks that are already covered, im open to that as well.

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