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Classic Ancient PC Dos VGs

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Yes, yes, yes! Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure was awesome. I wound up getting all three parts and I played them for the longest time. Then my parents made me uninstall it, then they got rid of the Windows 3.1 and 'lent' my games to friends of the family, who never returned them and I can't even remember who we lent them too. Just like our copy of King's Quest VI, which I still love.

I just played through Another World for the first time last month. I remember trying it out at a friend's place years ago. Man, that's a challenging game, but so cool (It surprises me that no one seems to have done a ReMix of the music from that game; I think it has a lot of potential to make some really cool shit). Still, the original Prince of Persia still takes the cake for hard games I can''t seem to get enough of; I STILL haven't beaten it.

I played a lot of point-and-click adventure games back in the day, and I'm sad that the genre isn't so popular anymore. I mostly played Sierra games, especially the King's Quest series, which I blame for my obsessive save-pointing with any other game and for my habit of carrying tons of useless crap in my bags). I also loved The Incredible Machine, which I'm sure has been mentioned.

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well, there was a remix of "Another World" ("Out of This World" in the US), but it was taken down because it was "Too similar to the original", which is sad. Was one of my personal favorites. Here's a link to it


This one would be considered a "cover" (as far as ocremix goes), It's excellent quality, 80's synth music.

When I first heard it I was confused at where this song was in the game, because at the time I had only played the SNES verson, but found out that they changed the music when they made ports. They wanted a more cinematic feel. I enjoy both soundtracks.

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yes yes yes

once I went as Cosmo for halloween but, uh, no one knew what the hell I was

That's pretty awesome! I assume you had to make it yourself though, huh? I'd think it'd be hard to find a pre-made costume of that character.

Funny thing is, a few days ago I was thinking about how I should download that game again, but couldn't remember the title. I had to google a description of it to find it (old dos platformer green alien suction cup hands). Once I got the title, I download dosbox and Cosmo 1-3. I don't know if I'll get through them again though (I only beat number 1 when I was young).

And to add to the list, I remembered another DOS game from my childhood: Monster Bash. It's a platformer where you play as a kid with a slingshot, who has to travel through levels, like a graveyard, and rescue a bunch of captured cats and dogs that the main villian has some devious plan for.

And for really ancient DOS games, how about Pharaoh's Tomb?

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I had that a while back. It came with F-22 Interceptor as well. I don't remember the other game that was also on it, though.

I just dug around and found the box. It also had Epic and Paperboy 2.

I also want to mention Jetpack, a real favorite puzzle game/platformer of mine.

I've heard rumors from the creator about a sequel in the works right now for this one.

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