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zircon in Heroes (4/10 - and the Wheelman)

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I'm still excited for zircon, I mean, it's... HEROES... Millions of people watch it religiously. Think of how many people that's going to reach. Think of how many plays that is for that song. I bet you five bucks there's a DJ out there right now, or MULTIPLE DJs, who heard that track and are probably thinking, "OMG, I want to remix that!". Just sayin'. :)

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Is anyone truly realizing the epic proportions of this involuntary turn of events?

Zircon just saved 5 years or so worth of hardship and boosted his artistic career in just 5 minutes...

Without doing anything (beside creating awesome music of course) and without even being aware of it!

How awesome is that?

So why bother working for Capcom now that he can work for Hollywood?

...or more precisely, Hollywood can thereby give him the credit (i.e. royalities & buisness opportunities) they ought to have given him by now. ;-)

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