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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2009 (It's OVER!! More details coming soon...)


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I haven't tried for very long yet, but I'm having a tough time composing in Fruityloops. Does anyone know of a FREE midi program that can show more than one instrument/part at once (preferably with musical notes instead of a "piano roll"?)

Should I ask this in the help/newbies section?

It's not free, but the evaluation version is worth checking out. http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/

In other news, I may not be able to complete this. My school has a weird scheduling system where you focus on one class per month, but you don't know what it's going to be until a few days before. Long story short, I'm in one of the most intensive, time-consuming classes the school offers this month, and if next month is what I think it'll be... well that will be pretty busy too.

Still gonna try to get this song done, but I'm not getting my hopes up. :-(

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Bump. Anyone know of any good, free hosting services for .mp3s? All I"ve got is google pages... in any case, here's a quick preview of what I'm working on.

I've been busy cleaning/preparing for Suzu and Shael to arrive. I plan to open up the Compo:ThaSauce system for a little while for people to upload WIPS every few weeks. You'll probably get about 3 revisions, and have about a 3 day window to upload them before the actually finished product at the end.

This will give everyone a chance to post their WIPs.

This is totally optional, too btw,

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Anyone who wants to can upload their WIPs HERE for the weekend only:


Faster Sunday night at 11:59PM EST you will be unable to upload any WIPs until it is open again (probably another 2-3 weeks).

As always, you will need a ThaSauce account to upload anything, and you can register here:


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Hmm, no wonder I'm having so much trouble with my remix - I got one of the worst songs on the entire Tyrian soundtrack :puppyeyes: It's certainly a challenge... I'm thinking I should just try making an original song, and then sticking the 3-4 seconds of Tyrian melody in there. Trying to remix the repetitive intro/bassline has gotten me nowhere.

The Alt-V in Fruity Loops certainly does help though ^_^

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You should send a WIP now. I don't really care what your source is if there isn't anything to compare it to. :roll:

AHAHAHAHA! True, true. I thought that people were making wishes but then I saw WIPs. I did a little something previous to this thread but it needs tweaking.

ASAP, man.

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I feel a little embarrassed following OA's and Fishy's awesome WIPs :oops:

But here goes.

The source song is The Hybrid Front - Moon/Mars: Sukarabe Fight 3:



Here is my WIP: http://diotrans.com/sound/diotrans%20-%20the%20hybrid%20front%20wip%2020090711.mp3

Choir "aahs" to be eventually replaced with vocals, but I'm still getting over a cold plus I need to come up with some better lyrics than what I have.

BTW, who entered this challenge? Just curious. I'd never even heard of the game, but I like the song. ^_^

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The arrangement is meh but I'm sure I'll eventually get it all sorted out

I do!

Great WIPs guys, as we're not allowed to vote, I'm not gonna post a favorite or anything, but it sounds like a decent portion of people are actually competing this year. Cheers.

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