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ALBUM RELEASE: Bad Dudes 'Bad Enough'

JH Sounds

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This is a remix album of Bad Dudes (NES). The album started off as a singular remix that I was going to submit to OLR; unfortunately I was locked out by the three-submission limit. Rather than just hold on to it, I remixed more tracks from the game to release them as an album. Since the game only has three or four tracks, I made "night versions" of my mixes to fill out the project a bit. Enjoy.

Track listing:

1. Intro

2. Bad Enough

3. My Way Or...

4. Furious Fists

5. Bad Enough (night version)

6. My Way Or... (night version)

7. Furious Fists (night version)

8. Burgers of Freedom

9. Outro

Download it here

Also, mirrors:


*zSHARE link

also official site, kinda

also source medley at YouTube

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I pop out of a dark corner to say I was waiting for this. It's nice to finally hear one of your project JH.

The album is very cohesive, well structured, and of course filled with some cheesy moments too. ;-)

My favorites tracks are Furious Fists and My Way Or...(night version).

You used a wide range of instruments, and, despite the reprisal for 'night versions', the whole stay enjoyable, despite the sheer number of tracks.

A fun tribute album, light hearted, but to be taken seriously, as it showcase the creativity of a very versatile artist.

...and I thought I heard you say that you weren't inspired lately. :roll:

Anyway, keep up the fine work!

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has potential, but just something about it doesn't sit right with me. it almost feels like everything is just off a bit, and all the instruments just don't seem to meld together properly. sounds like the drums were taken from one completely different song, and were then put in with the bass from a totally different song, and then the lead from a completely different one, and then slapped altogether, and while they seem to fit slightly, there's just too much contrast between the instruments within the tracks. I don't really know what advice to give as me giving musical advice would be like a blind man giving directions, just stick at it and get help from those who can offer it.

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Well, yeah, the instrument choice and the mixing almost ruins the project. Its ok to use instruments we all have, but they need to be mixed and blend in right. The songs themselves aren't too bad, but they're fuzzy and really rough. The splash cymbal for example is awful.

The night versions of the songs are the best. Bad Enough (night version) is the best song on the album.

The songs themselves are well composed, but the mixing and instrumentation needs serious work.

I will give you points for a very clever and well-executed Outro. I LOLed. Neighbors heard me.


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Hi. I've been listening for a while. I've got to agree about the timing, and it isn't just the drums. Though the drums do a good job of making the illusion that there's more out of time than there really is. The main problem I thought was how hard the songs were compressed. The songs are really goofy in a cool way. Great job!

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Okay, so I gave this a listen last night/this morning-ish, and I'm going to agree with a lot of what people have said here already:

Overall, I enjoyed the album. Many of the night versions I enjoyed a little more because they seemed a bit more cohesive, as well as the timing issues being less apparent. And, unfortunately, the timing issues are what greatly take away from the songs you have. The writing is pretty cool, but those timing issues just keep constantly snapping me out of any groove of listening I get into. The production could have been a bit better too, since it was hard for me to make out some of the muddled instrumentation at times.

I'm sorry if any of this is harsh in any way, but I'd love to see you go back and revise what you can when you can if you can because the potential here is very high and it wouldn't take that much to greatly improve it all. At the moment, it sounds like an album of somewhat-polished WIPs: they're complete in their writing and arrangement but not in the execution. The humor of it all is great though, and if you're satisfied with what you have then that's all that matters in the end. One thing that surprised me greatly, and in a very positive way, was the various musical styles you ended up having. You showed a lot of love for your writing, even if it is tainted by other issues.

Thanks for the music, and I look forward to see where you go from here!

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Belated Congratulations on the album!

I especially enjoy "My way or..." night version, it has a very smooth and relaxed flow. The jerkiness during a lot of the songs stood out and definately threw off the whole groove for the album. Listening to it more indepth brought to mind a lot of minor tweaks for the lead sounds, mainly cohesion of various riffs and (pardon my lack of musical terminology) the lack of blend.

I believe the terms are leggato and steccato, steccato being detatched notes, and leggato being smoothly played together. Your choice of tracks for the (assuming) "day" songs are too stiff sounding and feel forced like you're trying to account for every note of the original source. However, the choice of tracks for your "night" verisions blend very well and set an excellent mood. The out-of-rhythm notes are more easily covered up and less noticeable due to their being more fluid and willing to blend.

Apologies if I sound like a pompus music critic with an overinflated view of himself and air of self-importance, but I just wanted to let you know of my thoughts for possible improvement.

My only suggestion would be a more involved bassline; some basic scales and "walks" would fit nicely.

It works in my head anyhow...:tomatoface:

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