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New Years Resolutions 2010

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Dude. I feel ya. It's even worse when they sit there on text with their phones. I just want to tell them how they wouldn't have to spend two hours in the gym every day if they would actually exercise. Then they go whine about their shitty results because not actually working out. They're passing time and getting in the way.

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I already told mine in the Gen Disc thread. Ehh, what the hell.

Last years resolution was to read more and be more kind to my siblings. I think I have met both of those goals.

This year I would like to reinstate my goal to read more and add to it that I would like to do some writing of some sort. Still brain storming, though. So I'm not exactly sure what kind of writing it will be.

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Lose alot of weight, even though I'm nearly underweight (i'm serious but don't ask why - im not anorexic. It's jsut something I want to do), recharge my interest in Current Generation Video Games (2009 was pretty arse tbh) and Lose my Virginity (Easy in some ways, harder than others lol)

Kept my one last year, which was pretty hefty (WATCH A NEW FILM EVERYDAY) So I'll hopefully get through some of these :-P

Good Luck with all yours!

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I don't have resolutions. Just goals:

  • Get better marks this year in college now that I'm upgrading Web Design.
  • Date someone way out of my league.
  • Become the first groomsman in my circle of buddies to pull off an all nighter.
  • Create a full electro house album.
  • And yes, get a hip-hop OCR posted here after an 8 year hiatus.

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1. Buy a good camera so I can take a hell of a lot more pictures at MAGFest!

2. Finish my epic Ghostbusters halloween costume (with full Proton Pack/Neutrona Wand/Ghost Trap!)

3. Try to be a lot more active with OCR projects/compos

4. Get back into game programming and maybe finish one of my prototypes

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I'm pretty simple.

I just wanna effing finish the video games I started and never got to finish. I also had incidents many years ago where I was AT THE END OF THE GAME ABOUT TO BEAT IT and my save disappeared...which made me cry and cry and cry. I wanna play those again too and beat them. :|

Oh and I also want to go to Magfest 9. I don't care how poor I gotta be throughout 2010, I just wanna go. I also want Global-Trance to come with us and LuIzA from Brasil. :x I WANT IT TO BE MY RESOLUTION TOO.

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