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Sonic & Knuckles Lava Reef - 80's Freestyle Mix


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{Referring to the four major sections as A, B, A', and C and assuming the track is in a minor for convenience.}

I love the original synth work you added over the source's background music in section A'; consider adding a fourth phrase, which would finish the melodic build up and help accelerate energy-wise into section C. Also, the last note in the 2nd phrase might sound better as a high g rather than low b.

Instead of the fade-out of the synth before leading into section B, try leaving it at full dynamic, or at least diminuendo less, because it sounded strange for it to disappear completely.

The fourth phrase in B has too much variation to serve as a smooth continuation of the melody. Something like (assuming the key were a minor) -

d-16th -> e-16th -> g-16th -> a-16th -> g-16th -> a-16th -> d-16th -> d#-16th -> e-8.5th -> g-16th(+8th-rest) -> c-4.5th -> e-16th -> c-16th -> d-8th -> e/c-16th -> a-16th+4th *-> c-16th -> b-8th -> a-16th -> g-16th -> a-16th -> e-16th -> g-8.5th gliss^ -> a

(alternate 1)

*-> d-16th -> c-8th -> b-16th -> a-16th -> b-16th -> **e-16th -> g-8.5th gliss^ -> a

(alternate 2)

**-> 16th-rest -> e-8.5th gliss^ -> a

- would sound better (hope you can read this notation; if not, I'll clarify.)

I also like the idea of having a glissando into A', as it might better set up for the entrance of those synth lines, which you have doing quick downward glissandi.

Section C seems the least organized, but perhaps that's because it was the least worked on so far. One thing to suggest is shortening the orchestral hits at the end, since they drag with how long their current duration is.

Hope to hear a new draft or finished version soon!

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