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OCR Mascots: Class of Summer 2010 - Voting Closed


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1. Phoenix Wright

2. Heavy (TF2)

3. Companion Cube

I also suggest that Master Chief receive a "YES OVERRIDE" because, even though I'm not a huge Halo fan, I think he is the most iconic VG character that we don't have yet. He's not getting many votes so far, but that's because most of the forum regulars aren't big Halo freaks.

Or you could vote for him.

Also, stop that. Right now.

Tali Ho!



Current as of last post (102).

Edit: if you're the double-checking sort, here's one with the details. [And I know that's not what a checksum is; I just like the word.]

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1. Zero (from his own games. can't believe he's not already up there)

2. Red from Pokemon

3.Master Chief (Seriously? wow, i thought we had him on here already.)

also, what about Silver the Hedgehog? He's a major Sonic character now isn't he? and we have a ReMix for him. dunno if its too late to propose ideas or what, but just a suggestion.......

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