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King Koopa Died Today


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He's right. Dio did die aswell.

Dio was part of the previous trio. This trio was Art Linkletter, Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper.

However, this one is the worst of this trio, as Dennis Hopper was just so out there at times, it was hard not to find him enjoyable to watch. He always gave his characters this slightly off-kilter touch, making even a potentially boring character notable in some quirky way.

He was a bit strange and a pain in the butt to some in Hollywood, but he was a great actor and an interesting personality. There aren't many like him, and now, there's one less unfortunately.

RIP Dennis Hopper, and thanks for all the great movie memories.

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You know, when I mentioned in the Coleman thread that I hoped this wasn't the start of another summer of dead celebrities, I didn't think Murphy would answer so quickly.

Farewell you King of Dinosaurs, Lord of the Seas, Tycoon of the Dead...

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