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Happy Birthday, Reuben Kee


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*ahem* I believe the thread title is "Happy Birthday," yet I'm seeing a lot of frowny faces.

Reuben has some awesome music, all of which is preserved for us here and on his website. So, just put a song on your MP3 player/computer and enjoy. Don't think about him not being here - just think about what he left us. Be happy we have that.

I have trouble being sad for musicians who died, because it's such a worthy pursuit to have. Musicians live on through song, so it's not like they're gone from our lives forever. They're still with us, just differently.

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Its not even about the songs anymore... Those of you who thought Reuben Kee's death was a loss because of his talent, look at WHO he was. He was an amazing man who strove for his passion and created music to help the world feel better, by sharing his feelings. He was an amazing man, not only by his talent, but his passions and goals.


His quote below says it all. Who he was, his ideals, and what he did. There was not and still is not a man like him alive in the world today. THAT is why it is a loss that he died.

"How can I make the world a better place? Music provides comfort in times of sadness, loneliness or despair. It inspires us to expect more of ourselves, it calms us down. If I could make that song that helped a person in any of these ways, I feel that I have succeeded in some small way." ---- Reuben Kee

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In the brief time I got to know him, he was very firm and down to earth with what he was doing, and probably one of the most modest remixers that has graced this place. So it felt even more powerful to have seen his involvment across here, at VGMix, at AnimeRemix, and building up his own website portfolio.

Even now I still feel sad to have seen him taken away so quickly, but in any shape or form, whatever his mission was in the living world was one he succeeded with a lot of grace.

So, yeah. May you continue being an inspiration for us all.

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I remember hearing his remixes, loving them and only after awhile i found what had happened to him..

i do wish i had known him alittle more but..

Reuben was taken from us all way too early


His remixes will continue to prove what a great artist he was.

May he rest in peace

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I discovered Reuben's compositions in 2004 or so. Reuben's work, particularly the closing track to the Chrono Symphonic album were the first remixes that truly showed me how incredible a video game remix could become. Reuben's work brought remixing to a whole other level from anything I had previously encountered in fan projects. In fact, he often compared to a professional film score. Just amazing.

I emailed his father shortly after he passed away offering what comfort and support I could. I am only a bit older than Reuben and his death hit me so hard. Such a wonderful and kind young man.

Jesus bless and hold you Brother. I look forward to meeting you someday.


On a slightly different, yet related note, I recently lost my entire collection of Reuben's music. I downloaded what I could from here and elsewhere, but now Reuben's web site no longer has active links to his music. I can't tell you how sad this makes me. I had every single song on his web site, VGMix, OCR, RPGamer and anywhere else I could find them. Does anyone else have his entire collection (or even some) of the music posted on his site beyond the tracks that can be found on OCR? Does anyone know where I can download or purchase his music?

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