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OCR01239 - Streets of Rage "Sensual Ippon"


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eh, not too bad. Percussion is pretty weak. The one loop used none stop is broken up a bit, but when that happens it goes from swing to 4/4. Awkward, could have been done much better. Melody is only slightly varied from the original. Theres additions here and there like the distorted synth, but I wouldn't say they enhance the song too much. Some rhodes stuff going on, nice. Lead flute is just plain weak. More off key/tune jazz riffs, but not nearly as bad as the cammy by night remix. Much better job with that.

So in retrospect, feels like a simple upgrade from the original into slow, minimal version.

I would have prefered some real progression, some real direction, but I suppose simplicity and a casual feel were the focus here. Would like to see more interesting things done to these songs in the future, especially in the realm of percussion, progression, and rearangement, but thats just a personal taste. More or less, it really feels as if this mix was thrown together in a few hours. Ending is rather uninspired.

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It's nice to see calm, mellowish mixes like this on the site once in a while. Kind of odd, I thought, how a mellow lounge-type mix would come from a game about fighting on the raging streets, you know, how that's all opposite and stuff... yeah. I suppose that's what remixing is about, though: taking a piece (or several pieces) and transforming it into something very much different while still retaining within it traces of the original material. Well, more or less.

But anyway, yeah, very cool, mellow, lounge-like, etc. I like it, and stuff. I could go on to say a really corny line about "taming" this "raging" beast of a game, but I don't think I will. Even though I just sort of did. Eh...

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I think this is the second time I have heard mv say he put together a mix in a matter of hours (someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he said the same thing somewhere about "Forray Into Eastern Horizons") Anyway, its just one of those things you've got to admire and from my perspective envy that he can produce OCR quality songs with such efficiency. Perhaps this one is not my favorite mv song, but I respect practically all of his music, and this one is no exception. I enjoyed the mood and overall feeling of this song in spite of some of the more lackluster individual parts (Prot pointed out the flute sample and percussion for example). In the end, the song as a whole is a wonderful thing. Keep it up mv.

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As an avid fan of all things SoR, I felt obliged to

share my impressions of this mix.

Usually, as soon as I download a SoR mix, I love it,

as I do most SoR mixes on this site, barring a

couple. I was really looking forward to

downloading this mix, and when I finally listened

to it I was a little disappointed - it sounded

too downbeat and unimpressive right of the bat.

I have to agree with Prot on almost everything he

said about the mix.

Oh well, in any case, most SoR mixes sound either

minimalistic or suspiciously like midi-rips, they

manage to capture the essence of the originals.

This one just doesn't. Gecko Yamori does it way

better in his version. Sensual Ippon sounds


On the bright side, rhodes do sound great and the

variations are also good.

I think that this mix would not have had an easy time

with the judges. Lack of progression is one issue.

The ending from the title just sort of pops up out

of nowhere, there is no buildup to it. Drums are

repetitive, I hear 4 unique measures at most, one

repeating over and over and 3 alternating fills.

The flute sounds subpar to put it mildly. There is

also very little going on in the rearrangement

department, especially considering the emphasis

that is being put on rearrangement on this site.

Also, it just sounds sparse in a lot of places.

The quality of this mix is surprising, especially

coming from mv, whose TimeChill is surely in my

top three favorite mixes of all time.


After listening to this mix on a good system

a couple of times, I learned to appreciate it more.

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I like it. From a purely musical standpoint, it may be somewhat lacking, (i.e, procussion & ending) but I dig the bassline. To me, a good bassline is the key to a good song...the quality of any (modern) tune can be boliled down to the funkadelic groove of a good base, which this remix has in spades (note 1'57, and again at 3'03.) It may not change structurally, but does it really need to? I think not. This remix gets my foot a-tapping and my head a-bobbin, and frankly, that's good enough for me.

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This is a good piece right here.

I like these, kind of relaxing, "chill-songs", and since Streets of Rage is one of the most memorable titles from my (early) youth, this song is pretty nostalgic too :o)

The melody fits in perfectly with the bassline (which could have been a bit "fatter" imo), and the kick (synth. drum or w/e) just makes me wanna nod my head :)

Good one, I can't get enough of it :)

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Beautiful rhodes sound, and the bass sounds good as well, but that drum loop is just so repetitive. :/

It has a really smooth groove that is pretty easy to get into, but I think I would have to be in a specific mood to really appreciate this one. It flows very well, but doesn't really take any risks.Some of the samples are kind of weak, like the flute that is thankfully only used in a few minor spots. But for every weak sample, there is a strong one, like the underlying undulating synth.

Pretty nice stuff, with just a few issues with a few instruments.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01239 - Streets of Rage "Sensual Ippon"

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