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OCR Secret Santa - Gift giving time!


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I'm surprised it took so long for someone to do a song as a gift given the community!

Here's some pictures from the glorious gift that NeoForte sent me! (FedEx no less - it wasn't necessary but it was a pleasant surprise!)

I apologize in advance if the pictures stretch the horizontal scroll.

A gift! What could be inside?


A Stylophone? What manner of electronic instrument is this?


This thing is pretty fun to play once you figure things out - the best $20 gift I've ever received! I'm definitely bringing it to MAGFest for people's amusement, and perhaps some others will think of novel uses for it in songs.


Random cat basking on the floor.


Thanks NeoForte!

Edit: Holy crap they did stretch the forums. I'll put in resized versions.

Edit #2: Done!

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