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How did you come up with your artist name?


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As a teenager i was in a band with some friends, called 'the signs', it was later changed to 'the synes', then we made 'the anti-synes' which was basically purposefully bad, comedy electronic music.

So when it came to making my own electronic music i just took the singular of the anti-synes

In short: The Signs -> The Synes -> The Anti-Synes -> Anti-Syne

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Some people knew or know me as Oinkness due to being afraid of change, so for them I will say the origins of that name. When I got on the internet at age 10, I was playing Worms Armageddon online. I went through a lot of names like DiscoDuck and chickendcc (of the Drunken Chicken Clan) but ultimately I loved pigs. So I came up with a name that I now use as my password so I can't really say what it was. A friend of mine in school named Charles helped me create a series of stories or comics called Pig Cigs, a propaganda piece about pigs who were cool because they smoked. Eventually I went off on my own as a freelancer and created a story called Oinkness, and I began eventually using it as my online username... for the last... over 13 years? :-o

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