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Rebecca Black - Best song evar


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Ark Music Factory seems to like their pre-pubescent girls http://www.urlesque.com/2011/03/15/ark-music-factory-rebecca-black/

Clearly mummy and daddy were very rich and did everything they could to make their little princess a star. Thing is you have to be able to actually sing, and the fact that this song is auto-tuned the whole way through pretty much proves that she can't.

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Notice the guy in the green jacket who, by the end of the song, is high-fiving people audibly... I want that job.

HAHAHA. I didn't even notice that. He's probably one of the writers of the song. I bet the writers of this song are just huge trolls, getting their laughs that everyone is paying attention to this garbage.

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The estimate is that "Friday" has earned a bit under $50,000 dollars.

$49,000 of which is earned from people who link the fucking songs to everyone they know and tell them how it's totally the worst song and therefore you should listen to it


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She'll never make a career out of it, though. Anything she does after this will be like the unremembered sequels the numa numa dance guy did in an attempt to maintain his fame. "Friday" is an internet meme that just happens to be generating money for someone.

Unless people are even dumber than I think.

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Probably not 12 million big, but I know there are people that talk about Tosh so I imagine it's responsible for some of it. Also the video has gone "guys check out this horrible song" viral on a number of sites. Including here.

I hope you all feel good about adding hits to this unbelievable filth.

I agree

Its just another load of shit to add to the big pile that pop songs have created for decades.

I do my best at avoiding this stuff entirely.

My personal view of the song?

she has NO talent, none, she's not the prettiest girl in the world so even that doesn't save her, her pronunciation of the word Friday is extremely annoying

The lyrics are terrible,

I mean people complain about the lyrics in like silly remixes but seriously they have all the right steps on what lyrics should have.

My views on how to write lyrics is based on this

*LYRICS 101 with brentalfloss pt. 1*

*Lyrics 101 with brentalfloss pt. 2*

*LYRICS 101 with brentalfloss pt. 3*

But most of what brent says makes sense to me i can see it in most lyrics i find,

"Friday" doesn't have this kinda thing, the bit that screws the entire song up is "Seven a.m., waking up in the morning.."

This entire segment does not rhyme or even go with the backing music, which just makes the entire segment seem out of place... great way to begin the song eh?

Avoid this stupid song like the plague.

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