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OCR01335 - Terranigma "Aquamarine"


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Wow, that was relaxing.

I really don't know what to say . . . the guitar was very nice, complimented well by the softer instruments in the background. I haven't played the game, so I can't say for sure whether it fits the original material, but I'm willing to wager that you're spot on. I'm still new at hearing this, but the mixing, the volume levels, seemed perfect.

*yawns* I'm ready to go to bed now.

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This might actually qualify as more sleepy than the original source, but that's okay, I think. I think it fits the ending Crysta theme better than the opening Crysta, even if in game the two tracks are the same. Emotionally, the ending Crysta theme feels a bit different, which I think this piece captures quite well.

I love your interpretation on the little guitar parts, specifically at 2:20ish. The OSV implied what you delivered. Love how you handled the brief bit of up tempo, and how it goes into the higher pitched section (which I didn't really like in the source material, but enjoy quite a bit here).

You did the material proud, I must say. This is fantastically good stuff. The ending is particularly good, I think.

Well done. Well done.

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This arrangement is going straight to my playlist.

I just spent spring break in San Diego- hiking the seaside cliffs, watching a pod of wild dolphins in the distance, eating at Mexican restaurants with live music... This remix was released just in time to remind me of my vacation, and to look forward to summer! :D

I really love the European influences you used in your instrumentation: castanettes, mandolin, and...is that accordian? Very nice! It feels just right. Relaxing, but not a dull moment.


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I actually enjoy slow or orchestral tracks more than fast ones that belong to the techno genre, so I was looking forward to listening this when I saw it posted.

The main problem, I feel, is in the first 1-2 minutes where I feel that the quality of the sounds could have been clearer. It just seems that although the quality of the samples like the clarinet seemed pretty good, it seems a little clouded and balance could have been tweaked. The sounds also didn't "mesh" together convincingly as a wholesome soundscape during that time.

I love the overall arrangement though; I think I begin to appreciate the piece more in the last two minutes, it gets really beautiful when the melody gets passed around to the instruments and each gets their part to play. The guitar part was in particular short but sweet -- the bass playing only at half notes is also a classical orchestral move. I liked that.

I think its good work, and that you could improve on the technical side -- that is, the balancing of the synthesized sounds and making sure it comes together great as a whole. If you're interested, I recommend the Seiken Densetsu Remix "This Heart" (by Destiny) as an example of how everything comes together beautifully, and the samples play off each other perfectly. Other than that, I'm looking forward to your future works.

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On first hearing I wasn't sure what to think. But after hearing it a few more times I'm pretty impressed. The original was pretty mellow, but this mix takes it to a whole new level. I like it -- it does what it's supposed to. The various instruments help keep the peice lively while maintaining the relaxed vibe.

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I really like this mix, seems quite fully realized. The very start reminds me a bit of Enya's style. Lot of deapth here.

As a side note... I do wish more of Terranigma's tracks would get remixed. I really like some of them, but I see so many remixes of this town song. Even a remix of a remix of this song!

Its not a bad song, its quite endearing. This is probably my favorite rendition of it. But there are some other great tracks in the game that deserve attention. I'd like to see someone find a place for that simple yet sad tune you first hear in that plant room with the waterfall (been so long since I played it, I can't remember where exactly, but you hear it a few times in the game). Or the opening/ending themes. I used to just listen to the original versions in winamp, I liked them so much.

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I too would like to hear a remix of the somewhat melancholy song that plays during the waterfall discovery scene in the Ra tree (?), or the 'resurection of the world' song, uh. The one that gets played when you complete each tower? Terranigma, while no Secret of Mana, did have some pretty good tunes I'm sure I've forgotten most of by now.

That aside, this is a very beautiful mix. It gives me a feeling of 'coming home;' returning to a place you once lived and possibly cared for quite a bit, after a long, hard journey. Looking around the familiar scenery, and realizing how much you've changed, and how little this place has. I very much like the use of instrumentation, the slowly building opening, the first small crash at 0'44, the bigger crash at 1'00, and the monumentally joyful build and crash around 2'31. This song develops, and grows, slowly painting more and more of this mental picture of returning home. Like all the best OCR remixes, I don't associate this song with the game much at all (even though the feelings it evokes in me do fit the end of the game perfectly), but rather small pieces of life.

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Hello all,

I'd like to thank everyone for the positive feedback, and of course DJP for gracing me with another direct posting. :)

I took note of every comment/critique and will definitely try to deliver a new remix soon, hopefully better!

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I loved a lot of mv's work in the past, and this mix is no different. As far as I'm concerned it's the best Terranigma arrangement VGMix had to offer upon travelling there, and - even though I saw that the quality and theme diversity for this game's coverage has been upped quite a bit here - it has still managed to shine on as a great quality remix for this part of the site.

So I might as well rope in my VGMix review through all this -

Production techniques

Just like most other Crysta mixes I've heard on the web this is a chilled arrangement, although in this case mv has managed to reach out for a few country elements to match up with the essence of the original. Panning has really been emphasized with the overall atmospheric space and mood emphasis as shown right across the various textures, which has been shown with a fair amount of attention to emotive care. The choice of sounds are often of a high quality from this user, and with enough attention also granted towards the overall ambient processing towards the instrumentation we have a reflective enough setting to catch a wide range of interest. If anything I was hoping for the guitar to have a bit more reverb, but that's just me. Mind, I can say the sound levels are almost flawless for what they are and that have been showcased with some well executed EQs and sound placements throughout. So as a whole I can say that this is one of Xavier's better mastering downs that we've faced in a long while - something that reflects upon the Crysta theme almost perfectly, and definitely one to bear in mind when going through the track yourself.

Compositional structure

The track started off with some nice SFX work, thus reflecting upon the peaceful rural village atmosphere. This has then been emphasized further with some nice deep instrumentation as coming through at 0:19, which have managed to start showcasing much of Xavier's creative side through the chord progressions as gestured here. In terms of dynamics I found this to be a very sweet and reflective introduction as such; I can't pinpoint much to gesture at this point in terms of flaws, although if anything I may point on at hoping to bring in some wider proportions of the theme but that's probably me.

And then at 0:45 the music then showed an incorporation of the main theme itself. And it's here that I managed to notice a lot of warmth to the source material as well as a good amount of grace taken right through that aspect of the mix. While it can be argued that it followed the original a bit too closely, which can somehow be a light mark down for some, I personally feel that this was able to reflect upon the arrangement in a more conservative and well rounded fashion than some other incorporations of the theme that I have heard so far. So yeah, this isn't a bad start methinks.

The second proportion of the track then made its arrival from 1:33 onwards, and it's there that they have still managed to maintain a light amount of truth to the original. I found a fair amount of fresh material from the 2 minute mark given the inclusion of the harmonica (?) and overall instrument swelling in time towards the climax's entrance from 2:30. While not the most involving incarnation of that section of the source, I still feel that the wider scopes from that particular segment have still done well to rope in a strong amount of dynamic interest here.

And from the 3 minute mark mv has shown his creative side once more with a light acoustic guitar solo performance alongside the moods as shown within the closing proportion here. This in turn was lead well into a finishing sequence that involved a lot of the quieter instrumentation coming back into play and involving a thoughtful and atmospheric closure all the way through to the final plucked bass string and choir chanting. While not as "climatic" as what I've previously witnessed from him (and in fact I feel the bass velocities could have been a bit softer on the attack to match with the theme intensions), it has still worked in providing a sweet and well gestured closure.

As far as I'm concerned I actually found this to be one of mv's best works to date, and that has been shown with a great combination of atmospheric production techniques, reliabilities to the source material and enough creative garbs to be able to add to the scopes of the source on that ground. There's barely much i can find wrong with this at all, although I still feel a little bit shaken over the slightly harsh attacks on the ending sequence, although that could be nothing more than a nit-pick.

But yeah, it's still a good mix to check out; more high quality work from mv, and definitely worth noting if you're a fan of the game. We need more material from him in the future :D

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