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MAGFest X! PMD Time :(


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I got 250 bucks burning a hole in my pocket for this shit

I don't even have anything to post about except OMFG MAGFEST


i am excited about mag!

if someone in my room wants to put the room on their card instead, we can check in earlier. i won't get there until like 1030 that night and i'll have to sign in and get my badge. might be better if someone puts it on theirs and goes from there.

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One thing that was done during the OCR Vegas meetup last Summer was to make a twitter account and give access to those from OCR who could tweet about what was going on and where. It's a little bit more of a clusterfuck but at least then everyone knows whats going on all the time. As long as people sign off their tweets with their name, it should work.

Just a show of hands, who here is going to MAGFest and does NOT have access to twitter by phone?

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