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BLUESCREEN album by PROTODOME (Free Music)


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Happy Christmas OCR! Please excuse me while I take advantage of the holiday spirit and release my second album, BLUESCREEN!



" From the creator of the hit chiptune album BLUENOISE, comes the exciting all-caps sequel, BLUESCREEN! This time around things get more varied with a touch less wah synth, a little more crazy hi-hat jamming and 100% more live sax on 1/10th of the tracks! Statistics! You know it’s going to be good. "

You should all like it, it's free, so you can't complain.

It also has a guest remix from halc, so, just saying, you should probably download it based on that.

Would really love to hear what you thought of the album, artwork, whatever! Hope you enjoy the listen! If you dig it, tweet, like, post - spread it!

Hope you have a great Christmas!

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Better late than never, right?

I'd never heard your music before but was thoroughly impressed. It reminded me of what attracted me to OCR in the beginning, and that was artists who had fun with their music.

BSOD'd is my absolute favorite track. It's just plain soulful and funky. It's FONE-KEH! The kind of track you'd love a live jazz or funk band to play. The Yoshi mount cameo was the icing on the cake (I'd been waiting to here that in another song....)

Nostalgia Breaks Heart, JPEG Jive, and halc's This Broken Heart remix round out my favorites (I like breakbeats and I like chiptunes ... the two put together = Homer's doughnut face).

Nice work PROTODOME.

P.S. Her #0000ff Eyes off of BLUENOISE gets props also. : )

P.S.S. 'twas the 30 page Chiptunes thread that lead me to you.

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