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OCR02369 - Pokémon Ruby Version 'This Treasure'

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Haha, nice! Really interesting style, and a worthy addition to the roster of pokemon remixes :)

Kinda like "Drowning Blue" from the Missingno Collection, this was from a source that I didn't really remember (lol, both ship themes...), but found my memory pleasantly right there at the ready once this started. Good memories, that mysterious ship.

Also, congrats to Rozovian, Flexstyle, and Gario. Good picks ;)

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TheGuitahHeroe is quickly becoming the new willrock. :nicework:


I am the one and only willrock, copy me at your PERIL.

Nice mix bro! I dig it, very halc/protodome/me/rozo... damn you're just like all the new gen OCRemixers rolled into one cohesive chiptune pie.

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Aah, man, this one almost put me to sleep, in a good way. Peaceful and chill, and a chippy little thing that I could imagine from being part of Halc's camp. Honestly, I thought the little chips thrown in made this ReMix more than anything. Love that groove beat and the synth that goes with it. Way to go on this one, Guitahheroe.

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My only quarrel is that maybe that first lead synth could be a little louder. That might just be youtube's compression messing with me.

The lead synth writing is where this really shines. You really exploit that lead for all it's worth, and you do it good to. This is one of my favorite songs from you arrangement wise, actually. The source tune is awesome, and this mix really shows it love. Also, those chords at 3:11 and onwards are great.


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Man, I'm so addicted to this track :D It's so calm and soothing. Especially love that super mellow lead and some subtle glitching shenanigans at around 1-minute mark. The tasty hip-hop beat and chippy bits thrown in here and there are pretty neat as well. Also dat solo at 3:13! Really cool tune, something WillRock and Mr. Baranowsky could possibly put together, I think :) 

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