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Post Battle themes!


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There was discussion in the thread that Capa made some time back (and that I linked in my previous post). That worked out well. So I'm gonna post in here as if it were in there.

You hear this song so much throughout the game, but it's still such a good tune. I mean, it just has an adventurous feeling to it, and it works.

This boss theme... you hear it in the first battle of the game, and after hearing the normal battle theme, you know the music is good. This theme just screams FIGHT OR DIE, especially considering the first boss is so much bigger than you.

Such a phenomenal soundtrack... :3

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I always find it interesting when a game uses variations on a certain theme throughout the game. Particularly, I think variations on the same battle theme are AWESOME. I'll use Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald as an example. As you'll notice, the battle music starts as being relatively care-free (Pokemon battle) and slowly transitions over the course of the game to more serious stuff (so to speak :P). Once you reach the FINAL, insanely tense battle with the champion of the Elite Four, the music changes to reflect the HOLY-SHIT-this-is-the-final-battle-and-then-I'm-the-most-badass-player-in-Hoenn-not-counting-my-IRL-friends-that-still-might-be-able-to-kick-my-ass feeling. :)!!

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So there are a lot of battle music in games, which is because most games fight things. But I want to talk about battle music that fits, that gets me pumped when I'm fighting. I know there were a bunch of songs that did this for me, that I sadly can not think of right now. But one I do remember is

So I've got a few reasons why this one got me super pumped:

1. It wasn't a remix of the NMH main song (Which if you listen to, you'll hear a lot of variations)

2. This was the secret ending, you had to grind pretty hard for the blade to get here.

3. This is probably why I'm remembering this song first off. Because my first fight with him, I was getting wrecked! In less than a minute I was sitting at 1 hit left. So I thought I was a goner, but just as the music mellows out a little bit I started seeing the pattern in his attacks and how to defeat this guy. So it felt like the music was almost in synch with how my game was going. Once I finally started getting hits on him and dodging his stuff, the music looped back to the guitar and felt more energetic as I was beating him down. I won the fight and got to see the secret ending. Forever etching that song into my mind.

So that's my fun little story, I'm sure I'll come up with other fighting music that got me pumped.


I always find it interesting when a game uses variations on a certain theme throughout the game. Particularly, I think variations on the same battle theme are AWESOME.

You would love No More Heroes music. (I actually enjoyed it as well, but literally 4/5th of the music is remixed main battle theme. So if there's any game that hit a limit, it's that one.)

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Rockin' to that shit all the time. Xenosaga FTW

This one is great. Makes me wanna complete that Xenosaga playthrough I started a long time ago.

Speaking of battle themes (I'm presuming this includes boss battles), there are couple that I found amazing when I first heard them, and I still like them to this day:

Digimon World 3, Boss Battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drbe1T2pe7k

Don't know if this is because I was a huge Digimon fan as a child, but I love this game and I remember just leaving the controller when this music played so I can listen to it.

Final Fantasy 8, Force Your Way:

I first played FF8 somewhere around the time I started learning to play the bass, and I was amazed by the bassline here. Still my favorite FF boss music to this day.

Chrono Trigger, Battle:

Damn I was so surprised when I heard this while fighting Gato, especially considering that prior in the game you hear entirely different types of music. Also, I'm a huge sucker for basslines.

Also, don't know if this counts, but Crash Team Racing - battle mode music is awesome:

(rest of the battle music is a variation of this theme)
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Pretty much all the Boss Themes from la-mulana are underappreciated gems (although the same could be said of the whole soundtrack).

- Giant's Rage

- In the Bottom

- Sabbat

- Interstice of the Dimension

- Good Night Mom

I like that they're all effectively the same theme that's remixed in different styles and ways, it gives a nice coherent theme all while still making them individually pop out.

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I love to see the themes that have a stark contrast to the rest of the soundtrack. To me, this contrast makes the battle stand out, as if to say "the gloves are off, this shit is serious."

Take, for example, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Here is the normal boss theme:

Pretty good, and very lighthearted.

Now contrast that with the final battle:

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