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Previous FF6 Kickstarter *cancelled* BUT new one in the works!!


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Just donated $25. Excited about the 2 week pre-release of disc 1 along with the 3 freebies. Glad to help out.

On a side note, I've been waiting on a reply from press@ocremix.org about setting up interviews with any ocremix artists for my show The Arcade on 91.1 KLSU FM. I love what you guys do and each week content from your website is aired over the radio guaranteed. I'll be sure to give your kickstarter a shout out throughout the next couple of weeks as well.

That being said, anyone who wants to contact me directly about setting up an interview over the phone (or in person if you find yourself in Baton Rouge, LA), I'd be more than happy to work with you. There's a link to our website on my signature and I can be reached at this email address: bendergameboy@gmail.com

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:) the front plate says TOBEJUDGED, the back plate says RESUB

If I see this driving around Atlanta, then I'm going to scream "Y U NO LIEK REMIX" out my window and hope that he doesn't send jooj-cat to scratch my face off.

I still stand by my treat everyone to fast food idea, btw.

Also haven't said this yet, but congrats to OCR for all the support ya'll have gotten. It's awesome to see how much support this site gets, and even more so how awesome it is that there's so many people who love VGM as much as the people on OCR do. Can't wait for this album to get released. FF6 has kickass music. : D

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Wow.... so I am so pumped for the release of this project that I had to make myself an account even though I hanged around for years. ^_^

With all that extra cash, have you guys considered remixing those missing tracks from the contest to add to the album? (i.e. Locke's Theme, Protect the Espers)

Also, is it me, or the reason for those 5k backers stem mostly from having an entire original album being made for them?

The 10k reward seems like a bum deal compared to 5k pledge. But I dunno, it may be something to revise.

Then again, you guys would have tremendous workload to cover.

It might not me the best idea. Hmmm....

Or I may just be inconsiderate.

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yea, leaving out such an essential theme for good is just wrong. FF6 was all about every character having their own theme songs, and it was one of the things that gave the soundtrack its adventurous and unique feel and made many fans consider it the best one.

You can't abandon Locke! After all, he's not just a mere thief, but a treasure hunter!

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Heck, they could afford a header and footer bar, and possibly a main body bar too. They could put a sidebar IN the sidebar.

EDIT: What used to be a post here immediately dissolved into a 4-page, unbroken, caps locked, ribalderous cacophony of profanity, pornographic ranting and shrieking, violent illusions of "incestuous" HTML and logistics, militant feminism and something about using raw chicken to power an "8-cylinder motherfucker", whatever THAT is...

Instead, here are some pictures of puppies to post as a more reasonable response.

...or there would be if I wasn't at work right now...

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Top 10 Suggestions For What To Do With Excess Funding:

10) Buy foreign sports cars for OC Remix Staff.

9) Purchase Broadcast Radio Station to create world's first all Broadcast VGM Remix Radio.

8 ) Hire Nobuo Uematsu to do a FF6 Remix for the album.

7) The first of every month will be treated like April 1st at OCRemix.org.

6) Purchase minor league baseball team, rename the team "The DJ Pretzels". Every player's entrance song will be an OC Remix. Classic baseball tunes will be remixed as chiptunes. If there's enough money left over, pay Charlie Sheen to pitch team into the playoffs!

5) Create new gameshow, "Name that VGM". Potential spinoff show, "Sing that VGM".

4) Buy the rights to Chrono Trigger! Create new kickstarter to fund a sequel millions have been pining for!

3) Assemble the ultimate OC Remix ghetto blaster.

2) Every one who donated $50 or more will get a vial containing a drop of blood from every one who worked on the FF6 Remix album. That way, once cloning technology is up to snuff, we will be able to remix the remixes at the level of DNA!

1) Send prostitutes with hidden cameras to Square-Enix corporate board. Record compromising video. Blackmail board into dissolving Square-Enix into two separate companies, and make games that are actually about story and character and less about appealing to the fashion sensibilities of Japanese "tweens".

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