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OCR02492 - Silver Surfer "Wanking with the Alien"


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Agreed, silver surfer has been along time coming for OCR coverage. And I wasn't the one to do it -_-

Btw, this just might be the greatest mixpost name in the history of anything ever. To explain, the mixpost name is a reference to the Joe Satriani song "surfing with the alien" which Joe Satriani named in reference to Silver Surfer. He even put the silver surfer on the cover art for the album, just google it :D

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First thing i noticed was the satriani reference and then noticed it was BGM2 from silver surfer which in my eyes had one of the greatest rock soundtracks in the 8bit to the 32 bit era.

Needless to say i love this remix.

from the spacey style opening (still referencing surfing i guess?)

to the breakdown around the minute mark where there's solo's aplenty.


you sir's have made my day :D thanks

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Very clever to use the mix title and the ReMix itself to make things come full circle from Joe Satriani's own references. Still, pretty good ReMix with a nice chunk of classic rock vibe. So glad to hear some of the Follin bros' work get some love in this style.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02492 - Silver Surfer "Wanking with the Alien"

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