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OCR01428 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Golden Sun "A Rose for Zelda"


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You already know how I feel about this one Tepid. I love it. Very soothing. The transition into Sol Sanctum is excellent.

Also, I'm glad to hear that drums were still left out for the OCR submission because I always felt that drums would be out of place in this mix.

Edit: lololol I'm an idiot. I heard those bongos. Very tasteful.

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:o I didn't gush at you over at VGMix. How odd.

Ah, I see what you meant by remastered - I also hear additional tracks methinks :)

Hmm, odd .... the transition to the Golden Sun part seemed a bit at odds in this version...seemed more natural in the first version I heard. No matter, doesn't detract any.

Eh? WTF at the FX at the end?

Ah well. All in all, an improvement on the VGMix version. Glad to have downloaded it :)

Tepid, easy 7 (>85%)

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Oh, I so want to leran the Zelda lullaby on piano, I just have to find the right time for it.

Great remix from Tepid, the fact that he´s a newcomer just makes this better, it´s marvelous. The acoustic guitar puts a more relaxed tune to it, mellow, enhances the sleepy tunes in this lullaby. It goes over to a more rougher style, but the beauty stays with it. The electric guitars(I think) gives it more passion to it. Who knows, maybe Link and Zelda has a thing for each other.

Very good remix, I can´t really stop pointing that out. Tepid, if you find some freetime you don´t know what to use for, continue your work.

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6 days is 'one of the longest gaps in posting'? That can't be right.

Harping on this piece for repetition doesn't seem fair to me at all. It takes the original in a LOT of new directions. This is a really pretty piece...

I feel like actually posting full thoughts on it:

0:03, anyone else catch the echoey laughs there? Not bad... but could be better. I like mood setting sfx like that... even unto full quotes of dialogue in the minute length range. 0:07, the lead guitar is panned heavy left, which sounds nice against the arpeggios heavy right. Immediately you're into 4 parts and some sexy bongos; LAOS likey.

1:05... eee... we're taking the melody that high up already? I'd prefer notes that high to be saved for either a mandolin or the climax of the song. And it's around here somewhere that I realize the bongos are fake... I can tell from the way one beat focusses over in the left ear. 1:34; these arpeggios and the synth that starts in are a delicious pair, it's a new spin on the theme.

2:00; the obvious and furthest dillineation. Aaand I hear we're into some electric guitar. AWESOME. The track wouldn't be a pass without this part in it.

3:11, it's hard to tell, what, if anything is backwards... that's always good. Perhaps some backman VST was used to help keep the transitions in between forwards/backwards more seamless. 3:38, the fast playing... as it always would be with playing that fast is a little mute-y. It works though, I'm glad you didn't mess it up more... I certainly would've. One of the highlights of the track for me is at 3:51 where the accompaniment does a little soloing. Some great note choices in there. Plus a somewhat sudden and unpredictable ending; come 4:04 you think you've got a good 4 or 16 bars left in it at least... turns out to be 2 and then the ending is this nice fluid note-filled... thing. Awesome.

4:13... *sigh* Why!? That sample isn't even from Zelda 3! Sampling games for songs has been little more than a gimmick in the past, why would this be a good time to use it? The notes in that sample are famous for a mysterious revealing of something, usually a door, but not only does the sample go against the key of the song, but it ENTIRELY clashes with the mood the piece was going for in the first place.

I would've been more content to hear an orchestra hit there, or some turntable action. If the samples at the end and the beginning (laughing) were switched, it would MAYBE work, but this doesn't. I think tacking that sample on the end was poor form, and poorly planned out. And what bugs me the most is that I'm sure at least 3 or more knuckle-heads will disagree with me... applauding like retards saying: "Daaar! I know that part! It from game!"

Bet you didn't expect two paragraphs of flack about that 10 second decision huh?

Overall, a delicious new favourite of mine. Very comforting, very dramatic, very emotional.

9/10... docked to an 8 for the importance of sample choice.

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"Daaar! I know that part! It from game!"

No really, that was probably a bad choice, it does clash with just about everything else in the song, but overall, not a bad mix, consider it playlisted.

Second: Why isn't the song listed in the info-page? Minor glitch or future standard of doing things around here?

Thirds: Laos must have a really good ear, cause without him showing me where, I never would have heard that little 'mute-y' part in there, really top-notch imo, can't hear it too well, but it seems really good. Keep up the good work, and come back with more.

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Liked the mix, thought the entry of the electric guitar was magnificent. But not quite sure about the musical choice of the sample at the end.. while it meant something as a tribute, it really changed the context of the song as... well.. a song by itself. Oh well.. Still good.

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I haven't heard a good Zelda remix since I've joined OCR. Everything that's been made in the last year has barely peeked my interest. They haven't been able to compare to "A Storm in the Desert" or "Ancient Hero" by any means.

I'm glad to say that this has made it into my list of Top 5 OCR songs. It's very charming and sweet, and the secondary melody at 2:00 is very beautiful. The ending is unique, making the guitar sound more like a harp, and the cute little Zelda midi added on at the end leaves the listener in a cheerful mindset.

This is an excellent remix. Download it now.

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Great work on this remix. I can tell that lot of really good decisions were made when piecing this together. I'm especially impressed with how such a simple piece can be transformed the way that it was. Excellent work!

Two things bothered me though:

1) The transition at 2:00 seemed a bit forced to me. I think a more gradual transition into the electric would have been better.

2) The sound FX at the very end didn't seem to fit the piece at all. The giggling FX in the beginning made for a pretty neat intro, though.

Other than those two items, I love how well this remix flows! Definitely a quality remix worth keeping. It's very relaxing yet not boring - it seemed to cast a romantic aura as well. And as GrayLightning described, the title also fits well. Great production, Tepid. I'm very impressed with this. :)

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This gets much better further through the song. On the outset, I was thinking, 'gah, stupid Zelda lullaby cover', but it kept building up to the great electric guitar section at 2:00. I compare this to one of the other acoustic Zelda mixes, Saint 420's SoS, and where that song tended to delve in repetition, this one manages to spice it up a bit.

And the end. Daaar! I know that part! It from game!

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Thanks for the feedback guys, it's a great welcome to the site. You'll be glad to hear this is my last mix before I upgrade Home Studio 2002 to la Cubase SX 3 for xmas with a Roland VG-88 (and possibly Reason 3) :D

The song was great to make. Since I don't have a decent sequencer, I made most of the electronic bits with my guitar effects pedal. For example, the screaming synth like things were done with a distorted wah patch and an e-bow, heh..

Anyways, thanks again for the warm reception, it's good to be here :)

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