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OCR02549 - Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES) 'Intoxica'


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Definitely one of my three favorites on the album. I just love Radiowar's style, and this track in particular takes me right back to Amorelle. A little bit of Moby, a pinch of Rob Dougan, and some essence of Nujabes make a good blend.

This is easily my favorite song on the album. Really nice work!

But just as I expected, my favorite track is one of yours: Chasing Waterfalls. After Welcome Home, DK, I knew I'd find what I was looking for on this album. Hope you get posted - I know the judges aren't always friendly to your style.

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Radiowar seems to always hits the mark when he gets a ReMix posted. Every time. And with the quality of this ReMix, you can easily see it. This has the trippy hip-hop the pipes needed and maintains that fuzzy, slightly hazy and chilling sound takes me back to playing in slow motion or backwards controls. So much fun times, both in level and song. Lots of atmosphere in here. Love the use of those few notes at the very end. I thought that was a sweet way to end the song.

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