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OCR02633 - Donkey Kong Country "Submerged in Ambiance"


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watching the waves lap the sand peacefully...

everything is serene, the sky a clear azure blue

nary a wind stirs your hair

but then

a speck of grey on the horizon, a cloud bank, a storm approaches

now the tides pick up, grow heavier, rougher..

taller and louder, they barrel against the slick rocks, churning the beach to mud

wall after wall of water comes crashing down...

then everything harmonizes again, not as peaceful as at first, but no longer as violent

great mix

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Oh my gosh. This is sick. Amazing work, Justin.

I absolutely love the syncopated staccato guitar hits (particularly the section starting at 2:10, SO GOOD). Reminds me of Stemage's work on Metroid Metal. Can anyone recommend similar remixes? (PM me if so, I don't want to stuff up this thread).

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OH MY GOD. My ears are crying tears of joy right now. I have always wondered what Aquatic Ambiance would sound like with a good metal arrangement, and now that I hear it......IT IS GLORIOUS! And that staccato guitar!? Oh man, so gorgeous in a rocking way. Even the heavy drum break sounded magnificent. The more AA ReMixes that get posted, the better they get, which is great because each time I hear one, I keep thinking it can't get any better. So glad to be wrong every time. Great debut man.

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Congratulations on your first posted track, Justin! This is a wonderful track and a great OCR debut. I really enjoyed the electronic percussion at the beginning and the progressive rhythmic elements throughout the song. The clarity and precision of your guitar playing are very impressive indeed. I have to admit I usually frown upon people remixing sources that have already been remixed to death, but in this case, the arrangement is so original, well-produced and full of surprising twists that all I can say is well done. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!

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When I saw this: "Oh, ok. Another Aquatic Ambiance ReMix. That's cool. Almost 6 minutes though (???)"

When I listened to it: "Wow. This is amazing. A lot of things done well here. Didn't seem like 6 minutes, there needs to be more"

After I listened to it: "Don't recognize the name, but let's see what else they've done..."

".... what?! That's their debut mix? Can't wait to hear more!"

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This...Is...Totally...EPIC! I love what was done here with such an already epic BMG from one of my favorite childhood VG's! The atmosphere, the feel, the flow, the...well, EVERYTHING!

I can not believe that there is this much talent in just a debut piece! I expect to hear great things from you Justin!! 8)

May the gods of music watch over your OCR career and bless you with the ideas to captivate the entire community!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02633 - Donkey Kong Country "Submerged in Ambiance"

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