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Facebook Use and Self-Esteem Questionnaire

Nicole Adams

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Hey all, I have been working on a semester-long research project and am now at the data collection stage. It would help me out immensely if you could go to the link provided and complete the questionnaire. It's about Facebook use and self-esteem and should only take about fifteen minutes to complete. I do ask that respondents be between the ages of 18 and 30. Thanks a ton!


I graduate in about a month so new music will hopefully be on the way. :)

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I will do this when I get home. But I just want to say right now, if someone does not add you on Facebook. Refuses to add you for two years or more. You are not friends. It takes all of 3 seconds to add someone on facebook.

Facebook is a good representation of real life friendships. It is reasonable kama for people who only know each other over a forum, to assume that not being friends on Facebook means that you are not friends.

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Doing it now, and I hope you don't mind me posting some specific thoughts:

1) 6+ years isn't an option? :lol:


a. I usually only check a profile to find the "message" button. I put a couple times a week anyway, I probably did check some stories on a couple of them.

b. Looking at photos -- any specific criteria on this? I look at all the photos on the feed (I have hover zoom)

c. News feed - all the time. Got that on mah phone.

d. Reading posts on my wall -- this seems awfully non-specific. I don't post a story on my own and then read through them, but if someone posts on my wall I will read that. I feel like this could have been more specific. :-)

e. Posts on others walls -- I don't seek them out, but if I'm on their page for the above-mentioned reason (to message) and see a particularly interesting story, I may read it.

f. I post on specific walls a lot. Usually a funny picture or a youtube link.

g. Status, I go through dry spells, but I'm going to say once a week just to be safe.

h. Comment on photos when I see an interesting one, or can make a joke about one. :-P Gonna go with 3-4 times a week... maybe!

i. Posting photos I'll say 3-4 times as well.

j. I update my profile so infrequently I'm going to say never.

3. 301-400

4. Minutes per day is hard to calculate, when I've both got it open in a Chrome tab, and have it on my smart phone. It's the best way to talk to family, I'm going to choose the highest option.


a. Part of everyday activity -- strongly agree

b. Proud to say I'm on facebook -- I'm not so sure it's a point of "pride" but I wouldn't shy away from it if it came up, so... strongly agree?

c. Part of daily routine -- this is the same as everyday activity, right?

d. Out of touch when not on -- agree

e. Part of the facebook community -- what community is that? Like Apple product buyers? Disagree. :twisted:

f. Sorry if Facebook shut down -- yes. Like I said, it has become THE best way to speak with family, and keep in touch. See what family is going through, hear how they are, be supportive of those in need, it's just such a useful site for so many reasons these days.


a. Comparisons -- what? this is cray.. strongly disagree

b. Attention to how I do things -- I follow the latest trends, like the new "what are you doing" button that lets you say how you're feeling or what you're listening to. I don't do this because of other people, which I feel is the core of this question, but regardless, I am going to say I am neutral on this one.

c. Compare socially -- I'm not envious of other peoples' followings, and I know how that system works, and I appreciate the social diversity of my friends and family. Comparisons aren't really called for in any regard.

e. Compare myself to others -- no. Not unless I see a fat beardo like Danny B or Joe Cam, or even a regular beardo like Stevo, but then it's purely beard-related. I guess there's some envy involved of certain beards, but not all. I feel like you specifically should have put a beard-related question on the poll.

f. Compare regarding accomplishments -- I learned early on that this is not a good idea. I share a birthday with Hilary Duff. If I focus on stuff like that, it'll just tear me apart.

g. Mutual opinions and experiences -- I've found that my friends list is full of liberals. I'll get some rare occasions to talk about music, bands, and musical topics and that's great, but not a lot of talking otherwise. :-)

h. Similar problems -- I am empathetic to people who share some of my own downfalls, and I discuss that with them when it's appropriate.

i. Actions of similar situation -- Yes!

j. Learn more, find what others think -- YES!

k. My situation relative to others -- no.


This was the point where I felt like I shouldn't have written this out because of HOW LONG it is, but I've already come so far.


a. Person of worth, equal plane to others - Agree

b. Good qualities - Agree

c. Feel I'm a failure - NDisagree

e. Do things as well -- What kind of things? What are we talking about here? I have a lot of really talented friends. Disagree.

f. Not much to be proud of - Agree

g. Positive attitude - disagree

h. Satisfied - disagree

i. Wish I could have more respect - agree

j. feel useless at times - agree

k. Feel like no good at all - disagree - I didn't kill a cat in the road today, i hit the brakes


a. Prefer to hang out with friends - DOES IRC COUNT?!??!!? Does OC ReMix count? I feel like this would be a strong agree if it weren't for everyone hating me and only seeing people IRL once a year. I'll hit "a little".

b. Anxious when alone - Nope!

c. Greatest enjoyment in solitude - Yep!

d. Not like being around others - A little. It takes time to warm me up to people. I'm like a cat.

e. Rather interact online - It depends on the situation. For things of importance I WOULD RATHER talk or see someone in person. That includes skype, so the point is kind of moot, but I'll say "a little". It seems like a reasonable answer.

f. In-person relationships deciding factor of who I am - with family, yes. But even then I disappoint them, and I live the way I want to... so... sadly, not like me.

I hit next and it went back to the first page, didn't say I had finished -- is this normal?

If it was recorded then... hey, hope it was good.

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