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Super Smash Bros. 4

The Derrit

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So how's the online matches been going for yall. Mines ranges from smooth to barely playable.

I haven't been able to play online matches because my University's internet is notoriously evil with DSs and 3DSs. Also...still doing classic runs.

Can you do Smash Run on your own? It sounds like a multiplayer thing, but I srsly have bad internet and NO ONE IRL who owns the game.

(also, do yourself a favor and don't run a Bruiser or Speedy custom on Meta Knight or Kirby, you WILL die instantly)

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He is currently identical to his Brawl counterpart in terms of his performance and since the launch of the tier list for Smash 4, he has been struggling to break out and stay out of bottom 5.


Seriously all you need to do to frustrate any Ganondorf after Melee was to play the distance game and wait for him to hang himself before you press any buttons.

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I have 510 trophies and have 8 more challenges to go that will pretty much fill themselves out once I run through all star and smash run with all the characters. I have all the outfits too, just need headgear. There's so much content, but I'm happy this will be the first smash I 100%.

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Well, the Smash Direct was full of goodies. Here's the big stuff:

- 8-player multiplayer. Can use pretty much any controller, 3DS included. Not all stages are playable with more than 4 players; only big stages are selectable.

- Ridley is a stage boss, but comes as close as possible to being playable without actually being playable.

- Stage Builder returns. Much more customizable.

- Smash Tour is a board game kind of thing where you compete to collect fighters and powers.

- Classic plays a little differently. All-Star is the reverse of the 3DS version.

- Ness, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, and Bowser Jr are all available from the start.

- Mewtwo DLC is on the way.

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Heads-up: If you disconnect while playing online, an apparent glitch in the system may ban you from the game for upwards of 71,000,000 minutes (apparently over 136 years).

Screenshots like this one have been floating around: http://i.imgur.com/0YWQAyA.jpg

I don't know if a cause has been determined yet, but you may want to be careful just in case.

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