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Mega Man: The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2013

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Your dedication to good metadata is a shining beacon in the bleak sea of "Various Artists."

God Bless America. Anyway, I want to discuss another thing I'm seeing with novice mixers. A bit of a disclaimer: I'm going to talk now about my own approach to arrangement, and hopefully that will h

Couldn't help but notice that Needle Man appears to be bigger than the rest... does someone still have a soft spot for his former pick? :P

What tomfoolery is this? I do have a special place in my heart for Needle Man after the WCRG 2011, but I swear all the sigs are the exact same size on my computer lol :-P

Glad everybody likes them! I enjoy how this turns into the most colorful thread once people start changing their sigs haha :) For anyone who missed it, the sigs link is in my last post back on the last page, until Darke can link it in the first post. Thanks!

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Thanks for the nice work here, the thread will look pretty colorful.

Only thing I would say is that mine looks a bit dull with the grey theme, would've liked it to be more colorful, maybe with bright blue since splash woman's stage is sea themed.

EDIT: Just noticed the colors are team-related, nevermind.

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Trying to view it directly gets me a Permission Denied, so I think Cosmic Sounds can see it but nobody else can.

I ran into the same issue initially. Cosmic sounds, maybe try the heading that features .png at the end of the file name? That format worked for me when the other format @ tinypic didn't.

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