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The "who uses what" thread

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I mean... not my problem, but it sure is obvious that there's something wrong with some of those lists unless you're rich, have a sponsor (rare issue) or work as tester for that specific firm you got the VST/VSTi/host from. It simply glares at you.

It's not that hard at all. I don't have to pay for rent or food, and with a job working a few days a week, you get around $500 a month. All you have to do is save money. It's not difficult. Yeah, sometimes I do share stuff with my girlfriend when we should buy separate copies, but it's very annoying to go around accusing everyone of piracy. When I start living on my own, sure, I won't have enough cash like I do now, but that's why you start early. And besides, if I did, I would have gotten better then crappy EWQLSO silver anyway. And I've seen your stuff, by the way. Why do you have a monopoly on having good stuff without automatically being a pirate?

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-FL Studio 5 (Yeah, I know... I need to upgrade.)

-Anvil Studio



-Yamaha DGX-205

-Sennheiser e816S Mic. (Currently unusable though without a way to get it over to my PC)

-Trumpet (Although I can't record this yet)

Yeah, both limited budget and the fact that I'm new to all this...

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Hmm, the things that I use most often are:

Logic Pro 7

Kuzweil PC2X Keyboard (for playing/sketching out ideas and midi input, I don't actually record any of it's sounds)

Rode NT1-A Microphone

Event TR8 Monitors

As for plug-ins and samples I mostly use the stuff included with Logic along with EWQLSO Gold, Stylus RMX, and the Kontakt 2 VSL.

For a more (but not quite) complete list: http://www.music.tgfoo.com/studio.htm

(yeah, I know, I need to redesign/de-suckify my site, but a) I'm lazy B) I'm busy, c) I don't like turning on my PC anymore.... and d) I don't have the flash skills to do it the way I want)

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- Windows XP SP2

- Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz, 1.25 GB of RAM


- Sonar 7 Producer Edition (for all my mixing/multitracking)

- Gigastudio

- Har-Bal 2.3


- EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum + XP

- EastWest Symphonic Choirs

- Quantum Leap Storm Drum

- Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass + XP

- Garritan Orchestral Strings

- Garritan Personal Orchestra

- Amplitube 2

- EZ Drummer

- Nashville EZ expansion drum kit

- Custom drum kits

- Misc. samples


- Echo AudioFire8 soundcard/pre-amp/patchbay

- ART studio V3 tube pre-amp

- dbx professional 1066 compressor/limiter/gate (dual channel)

- Shure KSM44 condenser mic & stand (my preciousssssss)

- Shure SM58 mic

- 2 Samson R11 mics

- Edirol PC-70 MIDI Keyboard Controller

- Line 6 POD 2.0

- Sony MDR-V600 headphones

- Sony MDR-7506 headphones

- Other misc. equipment


- Roland TD-8 V-Drums kit (connected to the PC via MIDI/Audio inputs for an endless array of drum kit sounds)

- Gibson Les Paul Studio electric 6-string

- Fender Jazz electric bass 4-string

- Kazoo

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Here's how I look at it: Anything that I haven't paid for yet is either:

EDUCATIONAL USE: I'm not making commercial music yet, so my software is being used for learning and enjoyment;


TRY BEFORE BUY: I'm just getting into Real Estate, so soon enough I should have enough money to purchase everything I need and not have to warez anything. I will not use anything warezed in any commercial music I produce (I've only contributed to one commercial track, but I only worked on the arrangment; my friend is the one producing it).

Also, My girlfriend purchased FL Studio 4; she never used it; I had to get the warez one because we couldn't get it activated for the free upgrades; AND IMAGE-LINE HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER; however, I heard you can get issues resolved by posting on their forums, but I haven't tried it yet.

I also purchased Reaktor 3, then purchased the upgrade to Reaktor 4. A lot of these programs are extremely annoying because you have to put a dongle into your USB port to use the program. The only way to use all these programs at the same time is to get a USB hub (or several hubs) so you can use all the stupid USB dongles. Getting Warezed/cracked versions is more convenient; AND I believe it's perfectly legal if you paid for the original software.

I have no moral issues with warez because no one gets hurt if you're not going to buy the software anyway. I won't specify anything on this list that may be warez'ed; I don't even think it's relevant; the software companies even get free advertising if I like their software (and I'll probably buy it all eventually).

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I have no moral issues with warez because no one gets hurt if you're not going to buy the software anyway. I won't specify anything on this list that may be warez'ed; I don't even think it's relevant; the software companies even get free advertising if I like their software (and I'll probably buy it all eventually).

Most people do not buy it. That's the problem. When you have something in your possession there is less of an urgency and need to actually buy it - that would be reliant on your personal morals/ethics, which, is pretty lacking in our age group. There are so many people that pirate reason or FL when they first start out, and they eventually never buy it, instead they buy something else.

Plus it's an issue of rights. Just because you're not going to buy it, it doesn't give you the license or authority to steal/use something.

Not to mention the culture of piracy and warez is getting so out of hand, they even make threats to developers who go after them - I'm talking about the distrubution channels/the people who crack these software. If you pirate, you are supporting these people.

I do understand the need for some people to try things, and also that several people do need something to start out with if they are low on funds. However, there are too many people these days pirating thousands of dollars worth of stuff to the point where it's extremely disturbing. The worst of these people to me though are the people who use these things to try to make money out of. I know several people that do this - needless to say I have little respect for these kinds.

There's really no viable way of justifying it (other than if you've bought the exact same version # etc). But it still would lend support to these dangerous distrubution channels. Warez is stealing, pure and simple.

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Guess what, boys and girls? It's the drunken spy's turn to be an asshole and say


I believe the topic is "Who uses what" and not "who uses what and why you warez it" If you warez it, fine. But it's your ass if you get caught.

I believe this thread's purpose is to get a general survey of what the remixing community uses to make their mixes with and, if the person listing is willing, list what they believe are the strengths and weaknesses of their listed programs.

Nowhere is it said does any person in the community have to say if he/she warezed the program(s) or not, Therefore it is not a necessary or relevant part of the topic.

In short...no warez talk in here. Can it.

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