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When I glanced over Southern East Asia, I remembered Reuben Kee (may he rest in peace). I did not know him personally but I love his remixes and I was very sad when I had read some years ago about what had happened. Do you guys think it would be a nice idea to add him to the map or would that be too sad or irreverent? I am not sure if I use the right term here, I just used a translation website (German -> English).

He was from Singapore, I think.

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Found this amazing map today of where Chiptune artists, video game bands, etc. are located: http://chiptuneswin.com/blog/chipartists-list-and-map/

Wondering if there's something like this for the OCR folks? I just moved to Henderson KY just south of Evansville IN and would like to know where are the VGM lovers/makers are is at am.

I tried searching the forums but didn't find anything. lol hlep?

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