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o hi there Johnny Lee.

But seriously, that's fantastic. It's quite apparent we have cheap, reliable head tracking technology, and I don't understand why all our games aren't like this.

Anyone thinking about the DSI XL? I have somehow managed to avoid getting a DS all this time, but at this point there are too many games not to. However, one reason I never did is because I recalled how difficult it was to read text on the GBA's small screen. In fact, once I went over to emulation, then looked at the same game on a GBA, I thought "I used to play on this thing?"

Since I am a fan of large screens, I want to give the DSI XL a whirl. I'll probably do that at the Nintendo store when it comes out. Any other pieces of advice?

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Funny, I just found this out the other day, but GBA games can be played on the DSi. And with a larger screen, they just might get a facelift in the process.

six months later, but I forgot to post this when you first posted this

Yes - DS iPlayer is about the only DSi Flash Card that does not play the NDS backup roms (it can play all Homebrew DS roms and emulate other consoles). There is a good reason for the makers of iPlayer to block NDS roms from running on it - they wanted it to be fully legal to be sold in any store on-line or offline


there's no way this thing can be any more "fully legal" than any other flash cart if it's still playing roms

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I was excited about Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light

Because I was like

"A brand new, TURN-BASED, FF? Count me in; I love old-school RPGs!"

Having beaten Final Fantasy 1 the most out of any other game in the series, mind you.

But see, my enthusiasm dropped when I learned the main "game mechanic" of 4HoL was that in battles, you cannot select which enemy to attack- the AI automatically attacks the weakest enemy. And the heal spells are automatic- they heal the person with the lowest HP in the party.

Which completely removes any and all strategy with Turn-based battles.

That's when I said "Square, you fucked up again."

I mean, you have shit like RPG maker. It's not hard to make a decent, or even COMPETENT RPG nowadays. But some people find ways....

Anyhoo, I'm playing Contact right now.

Please tell me SOMEONE around here has played it. It's seriously, for me, one of the most thought-provoking and interesting games ever released on the DS, even if the gameplay is not the best (it really is a big ol' grindfest, but being an RPG veteran, I'm used to that).

It's also great in that it has one of THE best soundtracks I've heard on the DS (sorry for the link dump)

Technically Difficult- Army control device

Habara- Super Department Store


My personal fav:

Seriously, this shit is great, and I hope to remix a track or two if I ever get the skill. It reminds me a lot of the Earthbound soundtrack, so if you like stuff like that.

And the story really rocks (right blend of funny and serious), and the stat-building is fun.


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I played Contact, but honestly it disappointed me ever so slightly. I found the story really bare bones and ultimately dissatisfying, and most of the boss fights were lame and didn't make much sense.

Well, except the final boss. That was pretty rad.

I did like the whole cooking and exploration stuff, but honestly? The game should have been a dungeon or two longer and done something to string it all together besides a crystal hunt.

EDIT: Oh, and the art style admittedly turned me off. I was looking forward to a whole game full of bright, popping sprites like the Professor and his cat, but then the rest of the game is outline-less!

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You know, my previous post has a lot of hate for the then-unreleased Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light...

But my friend, MoogleBoss, says it's a Final Fantasy game made that should especially appeal to fans of the old games from the NES and SNES (like me), and that the combat system is efficient and perhaps cast in a bad light, and everything from the story, to the music, to the delivery is especially 'classic' in style and content.

Rrrrgh, one, I hate being wrong with my preconceptions! (lol)

Secondly, I'm still not entirely sure.

Has anyone played this and can offer up another opinion?

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I've played a bit of it, and all I can say is this.

It's Dragon Quest meets Final Fantasy.

Item limits, no aiming (like in groups of enemies), view of foes from the front... just like Dragon Quest.

It's also pretty fun.

FF1 through FF4 all had item limits (they are only severe in FF1 though). No aiming kinda turns me off to the game, though I haven't played it yet.

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The "no aiming" is really just to remove an extra button press, as you tend to want to heal the one with the lowest HP anyway. It's dynamic too, so it will heal whoever has the lowest HP at that moment, rather than at the start of the round.

It's actually handy and works in the player's favour often. I've only started, but it feels like there's gonna be lots of abilities and lots of dungeons. It's pretty fun.

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Holy crap, the Demon fight in Urbeth was absolutely killer. It was made worse by the fact that there were no save points around (EVERY SINGLE ONE is removed from anywhere you can get to during the event), AND the knight girl is just STANDING there in town being mopey and NOT helping me fight the boss that keeps kicking my ass.

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I've played more, and I'd say, "only if you like old-school RPGs". Dungeons are all mazes and everyone keeps cooking up dumb reasons to not stick together, which contributes more to the difficulty than most anything else. There's an item limit of 15 per character, including equips, which can spell trouble when enemies just cast status magic constantly.

So it's a challenge, but the difficulty is anything but smooth. Fun game, though.

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I'm on a hella SMT kick right now

I beat Devil Survivor a couple months ago and I'm working on Strange Journey (also I'm playing P4 on PS2 and P3P and P1 on PSP but this is the DS thread)

I was going to pick up devil survivor today but best buy only had strange journey so i bought that, thinking it had the same gameplay as devil survivor. I messed up. It seems like it might be good but i was really looking forward to the tactical rpg elements.

Should i keep playing this game and give it more of a chance or take it back and try to find devil survivor elsewhere?

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