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OCRA-0007 - Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Blood on the Asphalt


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I figured no one would want the lyrics for mine, but here they are anyway:

I feel I'm breathing, 
but am I still alive?
Sleep through my dreams
and I'll go on and on and on and on...
and on...
Bleeding out from me,
the sun burns through my skin.
I have seen you there,
but I just can't go in.

I've become
so lost
and I cannot get back again.
Stains and rust
Left behind
I'm flying
Away from the past
I know it won't last.

Fading out, I feel
the pavement cooling down.
The sun burns out again,
and soon I will be gone.
Once I knew myself,
or maybe that was you?
How did I lose control
of all the things I put myself into?

I never meant to cause you pain,
but it's too late I know,The past won't ever change.
If I could've just stopped the fight,
then maybe I could be there and stay with you tonight.
If I could just redeem myself
then maybe I could save you from all the pain I've felt.
I'm seeing you with eyes shut,
I want to hear you, I'm trying to reach you, but...

I feel I'm breathing,
but am I still alive?
In that world you're in
I hope that you'll survive.
Will you remember me
now that I'm gone?
I'll Stay in your dreams
and then go on and on and on and on...

The lameness of my lyrical skills is now aparent to all :(

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Edit - K, after listening to some of it, im not really feelin' it too much - but this is still a cool project none the less. SF has some of the coolest VG music around!

Also, the Balrog music had tons of potential. :( its still decent though :) but the best remix so far has to be Cammy's stage - it's really neat! the best cammy (and only cammy remix) I actually like lol. I never thought out of this whole project, Cammy's remix would be the one for me... but there ya go :lol:

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I started mine first, and then shael and I were talking about doing a collab, but we decided that our ideas were a little too different, and so he thought that we should both do one, and put them both on the album.

Yeah. Your track actually sounds like the track you're remixing. Ricther's and Shael's sound rather off to the original source material but it's damn good too.

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I just registered so I could pay my respects here! :lol:

To all the artists that worked on this project: absolutely tremendous work. Me and my friends are huge fans of Street Fighter, and this CD absolutely captures the spirit of the game.

With regards to the album art, I hate to bitch, but could somebody step up and get that done? Why not just alter the site banner into a CD cover? I think that would kick ass.

Once again, amazing work! :D

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I sent in a piece of album art to His Shaelness—hopefully, we'll get some sort of response soon on that.

Highlights of this collab for me:

Rock the Asphalt

Wallstreet Monster

New Mexican Thunderbird

Reaching for Nirudha

Guile's Mile Long Dong

R U Overdrive

...and, of course, BOTA [Aetherius Mix].

All wonderful pieces, guys.

By the way, does anyone else think Urban Uppercut bears a striking resemblance to porno music, or is that just me?

EDIT: Album art, anyone? Shael seemed to like it, although I think it's really simple (and it is). I do feel jontilton's pain with the collab not having any album art, so here you are:


I made it with a few screencaps and Photoshop in about 10 minutes when I first downloaded the album.

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