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2015 New Year Resolutions!


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I tried to open the 2014 resolutions thread, but it's broken for me. (500 error.) So I'm just going to post my follow-up on last year's stuff here. I do remember that my resolutions were (I think):

Make a music video.

Cope with PTSD.

No bullshit!

At some point in September, I consciously decided I was not going to make a music video, in favor of other priorities.

I did succeed at the other 2 resolutions! Without going into too much detail, I am successfully coping with PTSD to the point where it is not interfering in my lifestyle, though I still do feel the anxiety on a regular basis. It just doesn't prevent me from doing anything, like it used to.

I was also a lot more assertive in different ways, which resulted in some very positive things. For instance, it is because of this resolution that I made a new friend, Cash (on the forums) :razz:

For 2015, I have one resolution: Forgiveness.

So how did you do on your 2014 resolutions, and what are your resolutions for 2015?

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Well, I finished 3 out of 4 (but only because the fourth isn't to 'finish', it was to 'work on'; I said that I wanted to work on the novel, textbook, synthesis tutorial, and music album, not finish; that'd be wicked fast). I did talk more, finished plenty of previously-unfinished remix WIPs (six, and I can happily say they're all crazy!), and survived college (especially Physical Chemistry. Got an A- on the final! <3).

New resolutions:

1. Give more compliments in workshop feedback

2. Get more efficient in managing my time in college (it's getting crazier each year!)

3. Practice my martial arts more. Can't forget it now that I finally got my black belt last week!

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The "no more bullshit" resolution seems to be popular this year...as it was the year before that, the year before that, and the year before that. I'm beginning to see a pattern here, and it looks like a spiral.

Well, I'm going to break that pattern for humanity in its totality. I'm going the opposite direction. This year I resolve to have MORE bullshit than ever before! I'll let total strangers borrow my car, I'll make a whole slew of new friends and then alienate them with partisan, iron-clad views on subjects, hell I'll leave my door wide open at all hours of the day on all days of the week and just let whatever happens happen.

You've heard the expression, "it's so crazy it just might work". Well, if I make it even crazier than that, it will be guaranteed to work! That's a little process I call "science". >:D

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I'm not really into resolutions. Let's just call my "resolutions" a 2015 to attempt list (because resolutions are realistically unattainable):

- create my very first cartoon based EDM music video.

- learn to play the guitar (see Christmas loot thread).

- really kick things off freelancing.

- release my first app on Google Play (does anyone with an iTunes Dev license want to help port it to iPhone?)

- eat gluten free (except cookies).

- eat healthier because I'm getting fat.

- go jogging once a week in warmer months.

- buy a house.

- take my wife dancing even if we have to crash a wedding to do it.

- preach an anti-Western-American Christian sermon (I'll explain it in PPR if I need to).

- zipline.

- ride a motorcycle.

- join a band in a side project.

- swim across a lake.

- actually attend a Comic-Con instead of attempting to do so.

After reading the list back, I'm just going to take things one day at a time.

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Continue from last year and adding a few more.

1. Learn guitar so I can play songs I like

1b. Sing and play a song I like, record it, and post it on the internet

2. Learn coding to a point I can code things on my own without following directions/hints

3. Learn FL Studio so I can...eventually remix?

4. Learn music theory so I can write all these musical ideas in my head onto paper

5. Continue exercising

6. Eat healthier

7. Work on/continue being more open and moderate with my emotions, e.g. not getting frustrated at video games, being supportive of friends and even strangers

8. Continue writing in my journal every day

9. Cosplay Tibbers with someone else being Annie

I did well with moderating my emotions and writing in my journal.

I am exercising and eating healthy on a roughly consistent basis, though I ended the year not exercising and eating as healthy as I want to. That may be because my standards have gotten higher.

I am slowly learning guitar, but I am learning.

Coding is taking a back burner; I'm just procrastinating on my D&D NPC generator project.

And I have made little progress on music theory and FL Studio and no progress on cosplay.

What I'm happiest about this year is that I made a lot of new friends at the places I work, though most are way older than I am. MAGFest 8.5 was pretty cool too since I met some awesome new folks there in the Tabletop Room. I've also made some modest advancements in my career, but I'm unsure if I want to stay in my field.

I'll be repeating the same goals this year!

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Since 6 was too many to keep all at once (lol), I'll keep it simple this year.

Finish that PlayStation EP - no excuses, this year is the Western release's 20th Anniversary. I need to really focus on that now - especially with all that I learnt since getting re-active on OCR again.

Get back to shredding weight - due to my mental recovery and my dad's health (he's good now with his new kidney!), this took a backseat last year. I'm set to focus hard on that nice safe-for-stage frame!

Get an empty jar and fill it with good things that happen over the year. I saw this over Facebook once - so instead of worrying about not doing enough for the year, I can look back inside the case and see everything that made me feel GOOD!

Basically, all I really want to keep resolving is my wellbeing. I hope this will be enough! :)

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