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Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015


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Now that the first round is complete and voting is underway, I'd like to remind everyone to review and adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. Keep the CCC in mind when you're discussing, reviewing, and voting on this week's remixes. :)


To answer a question that was posted earlier, yes, Google Drive is fine for providing me with your mix.


I apologize for not posting what to put for the gauntlet theme this week. I'll do that earlier this week.


I also want to thank everyone for adhering to submission and voting standards thusfar. There have been no bad file names, no 48kHz 24 bit WAV files, everyone is using the right format in the voting threads, etc. So far so good; let's keep things rolling smoothly for the rest of the competition!

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Is it possible to see the lyrics for Evktalo's and Jason's song?






The night passes into memory

I drift from my bed

Animated by my longing

For my beerloved

How I waited so long for you

Now I need you near

I'll press you to my lips and drink

You're my favorite beer








My beerly





My one true brew

I'll be with you

I'll drink anew

And I'll find you.


I wrote more, but didn't get a chance to record. Oh well.

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I've been pretty sick this week so I haven't worked much on my song. I hope I feel better today ;_;


It didn't happen last week, but I've been sick a few times trying to do a track for a compo too. Whatever free time you had to spend on your track gets diverted into extra sleep and whatever else you need to do to get well. It really sucks. Hope you get better soon!

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My track's pretty much done now, and I'm leaving room for anticipated last-minute updates :lol: Somewhat minimalist, and not ZOMG6MINUTESLONG, but I'm liking it. I will say though that the source usage could be seen as rather liberal due to the drastic stylistic shift and the majority being in a different key, so I'll provide a source breakdown sometime before the due time.


EDIT: Oops. Gotta make a few notes more conservative. =P

EDIT2: there!

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I quite enjoy the creative reimagining of titles. I'd love to hear some from others in this thread (not the voting one) :)

Hungover Heifer.
Meleoron Mansion (Hunter X Hunter).
Cocaine. (Subtle Ivan. Very subtle)


Voting Rules and Guidelines

...and please do not "creatively misspell" remix names.

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