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September Mixflood wish list

Dave the Rave

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Hi there, gang! Been awhile hasn’t it. Since we are now half way through August. I’d thought it would be fun to make this thread until September arrives.


For those of you that don’t know, last year Overclocked ReMix has started a new tradition. Every September, it is Mixflood month. Where each week, we get 5 ReMixes all month long. It could be ReMixes from one of the OC albums. It could be ReMixes for a console. It could be ReMixes of a themed level. It could be ReMixes by any of the ReMixers. It’s just one big guessing game.


This is why I’ve created this thread, so we can all wish for what Mixfloods we like to see. The possibilities are just endless! I shall go first.


Obscure Wii games
Games developed by Platinum Games
Games composed by Nobuo Uematsu (besides Final Fantasy)
Obscure X-Box games
Games for the Atari ST (seriously, you guys STILL don’t have any for that system)
Handheld systems
Snow/Ice levels
Games for the eighth generation systems

RPGs from the last generation of systems
Obscure Genesis/Mega Drive games
Games developed by Treasure

Kirby games (in honour of Satoru Iwata)

NiGHTS: Journey of dreams

Indie games

Games for the SEGA Saturn (besides NiGHTS into dreams)



That’s it for now. If I think of more, I’ll let you know. So tell me gang! What Mixfloods do you wish to happen this September? Share your wishes everyone!

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Reading the previous year's post, the bad mixtitle pun flood basically has to happen.


My ideas:

Mixes with titles in Finnish (at least partially)

Mixes with guitars by Tuberz McGee

Mixes that are recent resubmissions of Portal 2 tunes

Mixes of collabs where the other mixer is Dutch


Sorry, I have no serious ideas, but generally the bit more obscure stuff, or just funny connections between pieces would make me smile.

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Some ideas


Jazz flood

Live instruments flood (remixes including at least one live played instrument) Or (remixes with only live instruments)

10th Remix flood (remixes of artists who had their 10th ReMix posted)

Bad games flood (remixes of really bad games)

Unusual instruments flood (remixes featuring at least one unusual instrument like Theremin, Hurdy-gurdy, Bagpipes, Alphorn etc.)

Oddmeter flood (remixes in odd time signatures)

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Some ideas:

*any genre* games flood

*any genre* music flood

Any game series flood (I love me some Sanik :P )

Unmixed games flood

Modern games flood

Vocal mixes flood (moar hate, haha)

Competition mixes flood (mixes from various compos)

Over-mixed sources flood (Ice Cap, Terra, Dr. Wily 2-1, y'know...)

Old-school flood (for those who disappeared from OCR long time ago)

Levels with common theme (Tropics/Ice/Desert/whatever)

Aaaaannd... My best idea - Cheetahmen II flood (why not?)

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Games with no OCR track flood (remixes from games with 0 remixes on the site)



10th Remix flood (remixes of artists who had their 10th ReMix posted)


Good choices guys. I just thought of some more...


Fire/Volcano levels

ReMixes by WillRock

Sonic character themes

Games for the Dreamcast

LoZ: Skyward Sword

Obscure PS1 games

ReMixes by RoeTaKa

Games for the PSP

Games that begin with Z

Final boss themes

Pokémon spin-offs

ReMixes that have the number 2 in their title

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  • 1 month later...

Well everyone, September was over yesterday. So what did you think of this year’s mixfloods? Did any of your wishes came true or we’re you disappointed?


Me personally? While I’m a bit disappointed on not getting mixfloods on the Kirby series, (biggest missed opportunity to pay respect for Satoru Iwata) I was rather surprised with the New & Obscure games flood. So once again, one of my wishes was somewhat granted.


Until next year, my friends...

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I liked the mixfloods. I'm biased. There wasn't enough Kirby material in the submission's box to do a 5-mix flood, but at the least, we posted a Kirby arrangement by Jorito shortly after Iwata-san's passing.

I generally pick the floods to fit what's already approved and available, but if we had enough in the hopper, I'd enjoy a modern game flood (basically Xbox 360/PS3 and newer).

The most important thing is keeping the categories reasonably broad, e.g. high-level genre, obscure games (NOT just from 1 platform), a generation, indie games, a popular company. Keep in mind, a lot of the theme suggestions in the thread are just way too restrictive. We generally do 5-mix groups, though you saw we had a couple of 2-mix pairs also. Always a fun, albeit challenging month. :-)

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