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An OverClocked Christmas v.9 recruiting now!

The Coop

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Well, it's about that time again boys and girls!

I contacted Dyne several weeks ago, but I've not heard anything from him. And considering how little he's posted this year, I'm not really inclined to continue waiting until we reach a point where no one will have any time to work on a remix for this. So, I'm taking the initiative and making a thread. If Dyne shows up and he wants to do the project later, I'll contact LT and see if the thread can be altered. Or, Dyne can make a new one and we'll direct everything to that thread.

So, here we go!

This project is open to any and all OCR members, regardless of whether you're a posted remixer or not. And now, a few details...

When's The Project Deadline?- December 20th, 2015 at 11:59 P.M. EST.

This is now a REALLY hard, non-negotiable deadline, since it's even closer to Christmas. The last few years have proven to be a mess of last second entries. Even last year, things came down to the wire for a number of people. And to be perfectly honest, it shouldn't be that way. It's made the evenings hectic for myself and Dyne in the past, and still made for a "hurry up so it's ready" scenario last year. As such, you have until one minute before midnight EST on December 18th to get me the final WAV or MP3 of your song. After that, you're shit outta luck until next year. I need time to do everything, including possibly make a little website to host this one if Dyne doesn't come back. So this deadline's set in stone.

What Information Does The Coop Need?- When you send me your final versions, I'll need your name, the name of the song you're remixing and the name of your track. All of this is for the back of the album art, and the comments section of the MP3s, so make sure you let me know all of this... especially what name you want to use (real, screenname, etc.).

What Can Be Remixed?- Any song, really. Traditional Christmas carols, video game music, published music by a signed artist... whatever gets your heart racing and into that Christmas spirit. This isn't an official OCR album, so you can draw from more sources than just VGM. Plus, you can take a non-Christmas tune, like the Main Theme from Space Harrier, Stage 6 Mission 2 from Metal Head, or I Defend STM from Truxton II, and turn it into a Christmasy one. So know that it's not limited only to songs that are Christmas-like to begin with. All that said, do keep in mind that if you want to submit your song to OCR later, you'll need to stick to the site's guidelines. But for this album, you can take it in just about any direction you want.

How Long Can My Song Be?- As long as you want it to be. There are no restrictions on this, so whether it's 1:30, or 9:51 with a five minute guitar solo ala Metallica, it's all good. But again, if you want to get your song on OCR later, stick to their guidelines.

What Genres Can I Remix In?- Again, the door's wide open here. Rap, Metal, Pop, Piano-solo, Orchestral, Jazz, 8/16-bit, Barber Shop Quartet, Death Polka... it's up to you where you want to take it.

What Format Should I Submit My Song In?- WAV and/or an MP3 of at least 192KB/s quality. I'll be tagging the MP3s, and making MP3s from any submitted wavs, so you don't have to worry about that. But, if you'd like your website to be in the MP3 comments section, be sure to give it to me when you submit your song.

How About A Little Music To Get Us In The Mood?- To help everyone along, here's a YouTube list of Christmasy tunes made by Ocre a couple of years ago... http://ocremix.org/f...72&postcount=19

But remember, not all famous Christmas tunes are upbeat and cheerful. There are some that are more somber or haunting in tone, so you have more moods to play with than happy happy joy joy.

What's The Website's Address Again?- It's got a new home at... http://williammichael.info/aocc/

How Do We Contact This The Coop Person?- If you've got questions, comments, concerns, or your track is done and ready to be sent to me, you can PM me here on OCR, or send me an E-mail at thecoopscorner@yahoo.com.

So yeah, there we go. You've got roughly two-and-a-half months to get something done for the lovely people of OverClocked Remix, and the listeners around the world who've become followers of our project. I don't know what's going to happen as far as Dyne's involvement, or what I'll have to make for people to grab the album, but I'll see it through one way or another.

Good luck, have fun, and make everyone some Nice Work™!

Artists involved thus far...

The Coop (director and remixer)
CelestialSonata (remixer)
Jfaferrie (remixer)
Rozovian (remixer)
Garpocalypse (remixer)
HoboKa (remixer)
Trism (remixer)
Lampje4life (remixer)
classic_gamer_76 (remixer)
mattmatrice (remixer)
Dj Mokram (remixer)
DusK (remixer)
Draconiator (remixer)

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The Coop, how many tracks you got so far for this project?  Just curious.


One. Frankly, that's a lot for this stage of the project, as most people don't start handing them in until December.


But I know I'll get mine done, so there'll be at least two songs on this album... hopefully more, though.

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One. Frankly, that's a lot for this stage of the project, as most people don't start handing them in until December.


But I know I'll get mine done, so there'll be at least two songs on this album... hopefully more, though.


I'll probably send you a WIP of mine very soon... even though it still needs a lot of work.


Also, are you taking care of the album cover art again this year, boss?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think my track is about to kill me.  Seriously.  if I go missing before the deadline, my track did it.  

Since this is the third time i'll be on this album I decided to go with the style I originally wanted to become OCR-famous for. Only, I think I went too far with it.  Originally it was going to be just a Sonic related theme of some sort mixed with We Three Kings but I ended up going a smidge further.  Some last minute arrangement changes had to be made but it will be in by sunday afternoon.  


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Something weird is going on. I can't PM the track. I asked Willrock to do it for me. v13_b2. You should have it now, Coop. And possibly half a dozen PMs I've sent but got an error after hitting send. And then I couldn't access the site at all. The site seems to be working now, but I got a similar error when I tried to PM again.

I could've gone to bed an hour ago if I had your email address. 

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