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What should I do if I send a submission, but forgot to attach the file?

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Resend the message early; the date given on the email would be the day that you send it, so if you send it, say, several months later, it will seem like the original email was first sent on that later date. Then, if the original email isn't examined to determine the original date, the evaluation may be delayed.

I've had this happen to me before, and it took a bit of effort to clear that up, because apparently, some Judges use gmail. :P

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The original bitrate you have is normal for a 16-bit WAV file.

I wouldn't worry too much about the 218 kbps MP3. For example, I encoded this ReMix in VBR1, and on OCR, it displays as 232 kbps. VBR1 continuously changes the bit rate (how accurately your song is reproduced bit-by-bit) to accommodate for the minimum bitrate required to give a specific level of fidelity every second in the ReMix. So, having a bit rate displayed on the Properties window of your MP3 that is greater than 192 kbps (which is for constant bit rate) is totally normal. :)

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