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OCR01519 - Donkey Kong Land "Revisiting the Ruins"

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Chalk this track up as one more under the awesome category. This is exactly what I'd want to wake up to on a lazy Saturday morning (afternoon). This track is very emotional; I can tell you poured your heart into this one, Patrick.

The 2:09 - 2:39 breakdown reminds me of a Malcos submission from Street Fighter 2 (Throw Me A Tiger Uppercut) from a while back, which I still listen to. Great work!

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Really top-notch stuff here. Absolutely beautiful.

Sums it up. More proof that the new more harsh and selective nature of the judges is paying off.

Within the first few seconds I could tell I was going to love it... I didn't know just how much through, fan-freaking-tastic.

A new favourite. Very stylish. Patrick Burns: a name to remember.


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Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement (though I'm not quite sure it warrants a 10/10... but I like your enthusiasm) This community has been the primary force in my musical development for the past three years; it has gotten me more excited about music than anything else in my life and has certainly changed my projected course in life. We're all lucky to have you guys and gals.

To address some of issues brought up:

Yes, I played around with the levels of the FM marimbas a lot. I actually brought them down several dbs before submitting it. When I first sequenced them, it was late at night, my ears were tired, and you know the drill. At that point, anything brighter and louder sounds better. I guess I listened to them so much at that level that I lost my ability judge them accurately.

All of the sound fx came with logic express. The splash/submerge is a combination of a flowing stream and a cool splashing rock sound. The stream is playing, then the splashing stone is triggered, then immediately it's all put through a low pass filter which closes steeply. To come back out of the water, the filter opens, the trailing end of the splashing stone sample plays to make a little water disturbance, a little breathing-in sound I recorded plays, and I bumped up the brightness for a few secs on all the fx to contrast it a little more.

Concerning the arrangement of the second half, yes, I did intend to establish a watery/murky sort of vibe there. At first I thought to have the low passed stream sound playing the whole time and perhaps a darker synth wandering around. I never got around to it. I just took the marimba section, which I sequenced separately for perhaps a third iteration of the theme, and slapped it (heh heh) on right after the splash.

Also, the modulated synthy sounding lead at 1:02 is me playing my nylon string close to the bridge with a lot of phaser. This whole song is Logic Express out-of-the-box (except for the free plug-in, Slim Slow Slider C3 multi-band compressor), my Takamine nylon string, and my Studio Projects B1.

Thanks again. I hope my explanations shed some light on some things. I know I enjoy reading about others' methods, even the trivial stuff.


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Hot diggity dayum, I've been waiting for months for this song to be posted!

I was originally more a fan of the original mix you started with on the theme, but this mix has grown on me, and I think it's vast superior at this stage.

I really have no faults with the nylon stringed guitar, a really polished feel and an almost perfect recording. (I wish I could achieve the same thing myself)


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Great remix. True to the original, with a very nice overall upgrade in arrangement, texture, and atmosphere. The structure is great, the instruments and effects used are all very appropriate, and it has a nice flow throughout. The top-notch production is well balanced, and it's some of the more subtle touches that really make the piece come together wonderfully. The most predominant aspect that really makes the remix stand out to me, though, is the way you took the song 'through the level' by transition from land, to underwater, and back to land at the end. Very creative, and executed perfectly. The section from 1:41 to 2:39 is my personal favorite. Very pretty.

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Oh ok, thanks. I've never played Donkey Kong Land though, but I think it is on Donkey Kong Country (GBA) too, because I remember recording it along with the other DKC level songs and listening to them back before I found this site. Anyways, this song never ceases to amaze me and set me at peace. I wish I had some sheet music for the xylophone part, because I used to play xylophone and it is really awesome.

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First of all I loved the mix, but I want to point out a small error in the tag that I think everyone missed. In the "album" field under the properties of the file (in the metadata), the colon is missing from http://www.ocremix.org. Just thought I'd point that out, maybe its been fixed already, who knows.

Edit: Nevermind, seems to be fixed...

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I LOVE this remix.

I had never heard the original song before I heard this. I can safely say that I don't want to listen to the original song now.

This remix is amazingly chill. The sounds are crystal clear. The production, arrangement, and mixing are top notch. I love the way Patrick added in the sounds of the birds and the water. It adds a depth of realism to the remix. I also like how it takes you 'underwater' for a segment of the remix. The sounds totally change.. and the parts written for it sounds just like something I could picture as underwater.

Amazing quality. Patrick is a great remixer.

I've personally sent him an email before and he is incredibly helpful and kind.

Keep up the great work bro.

I will always be listening to this remix.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01519 - Donkey Kong Land "Revisiting the Ruins"

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